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Podcast and blogging by two dudes from South Philadelphia who love to drink a few beers and rant about the English Premier League and world soccer. Come hang!

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

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LADS#222 - Hair is Back and Bundesliga Recap with Posts and Pints Podcast Podcast 2020/05/22
LADS#221 - Bundesliga Weekend Preview feat. Austin from Bundimericans Podcast 2020/05/15
LADS#220 - SOCCER IS BACK (kinda) Podcast 2020/05/12
Sorry Internet: Liverpool Deserve to Win the Premier League Soccer 2020/04/30
LADS#219 - Walker Party, Neymar's New Dad, Greatest PL Defenders, and Fan Questions Podcast 2020/04/15
Things to do Without Soccer Soccer 2020/04/12
LADS#218 - Monday Morning Special feat. Sunderland Reporter James Copley Podcast 2020/04/05
LADS#217 - Greatest EPL Midfielders of All Time Podcast 2020/04/03
Why Don\'t Teams Use FIFA to Scout? Soccer 2020/03/24
LADS#216 - The Coronavirus SUCKS Podcast 2020/03/17
The 3 P\'s - Premier Picks and Ponderings (Postponed - MW 30) Soccer 2020/03/13
The 3 P's - Premier Picks and Ponderings (Not PISSD) (MW 29) Soccer 2020/03/06
LADS#215 - The LADS are PISSD Podcast 2020/03/06
Does the Champions League Need a New Format? Soccer 2020/03/04
Scottish Football: Reuniting with your Ex and You’re Actually Happy Soccer 2020/03/02
Concacaf Champions League Round of 16 – What have we learned? Soccer 2020/02/29
The 3 P's - Premier Picks and Ponderings (MW 28) Soccer 2020/02/27
What Is This, A School For Ants? Soccer 2020/02/27
Liverpool: Almost There Soccer 2020/02/27
Manchester City Begin their Appeal of UEFA Ban Soccer 2020/02/26
LADS#214 - Liverpool Can't Lose, Champions League Recap, and Fan Questions feat. Nico from Can I Kick It Podcast Podcast 2020/02/25
So, what’s this Coronavirus and where is my Serie A? Soccer 2020/02/24
Will the Copa Libertadores Ever Be as Relevant as the UEFA Champions League? Soccer 2020/02/24
Bremen Preview Soccer 2020/02/22
LADS#213 - Champions League Recap and Fan Questions with Jimmy from Mostly Soccer Podcast Podcast 2020/02/20
LADS#212 - Man City Ban/Chelsea v. United VAR/Fan Questions Podcast 2020/02/18
Comparing Soccer Culture to American Sports Soccer 2020/02/18
LADS#211 - Bald is Back and Fan Questions Podcast 2020/02/11
Remembering Kobe - A Massive Soccer Fan Soccer 2020/02/04
Favorite Moments as a Soccer Fan Soccer 2020/01/24
Would a Continental Cup be Entertaining? Soccer 2020/01/17
LADS#210 - Premier League Weekend Recap and Fan Questions Podcast 2020/01/15
Are 4 Competitions too many? Soccer 2020/01/10
LADS#209 - NEW YEAR NEW LADS Podcast 2020/01/08
LADS#208 - Decade in Review feat. Critty Smith and Dave Knittel Podcast 2020/01/01
LADS#207 - Serie A Fixes Racism, Ancelotti to Everton, and Premier League Weekend Recap Podcast 2019/12/18
Premier League Power Rankings: The Election Dumpster Fire Version Soccer 2019/12/17
LADS#206 - The Soccer Cooligans Podcast 2019/12/16
LADS#205 - Serie A Recap, Champions League Update, and Fan Questions feat. Jerry Mancini Podcast 2019/12/13
What Is The Most Popular Football League in the United States? Soccer 2019/12/12
LADS#204 - Manchester Derby, Liverpool/Tottenham/Leicester Win Big, Arsenal Are Back, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/12/11
5 (Un)neccessary Changes to the Game Soccer 2019/12/10
LADS#203 - Messi wins his 6th Ballon d'Or, Weekend Prem Recap, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/12/04
Did Messi Deserve the Ballon D'Or? Soccer 2019/12/03
LADS#202 - Pochettino Out/Mourinho In, Weekend Bets, and Fan Questions feat. Rob Sweeney Podcast 2019/11/22
LADS#201 - Zlatan Leaves MLS, Liverpool/City Controversy, Pulisic's Chelsea, and Leicester Gun Down Gunners Podcast 2019/11/15
THROWBACK - LADS EPISODE 2 Podcast 2019/11/13
LADS#200 - Baby We Made It Podcast 2019/11/01
LADS#199 - Champions League Recap and Premier League Week 10 Bets Podcast 2019/10/25
LADS#198 - Liverpool/United Recap and Bundesliga Update feat. Critty Smith Podcast 2019/10/23
LADS#197 - Serie A Talk feat. Rui from The Red Card Report Podcast Podcast 2019/10/16
LADS#196 - Racism in Bulgaria, Ronaldo 700 Goals, Arsenal Good?, and Liverpool Title Hopes Podcast 2019/10/15
LADS#195 - United and Tottenham embarrassed, Liverpool on top, City cut down by Wolves, and Arsenal in 3rd??? Plus Fan Questions! Podcast 2019/10/09
LADS#194 - Bayern Smash North London Again Podcast 2019/10/04
LADS#193 - Premier League Week 7 Recap - Arsenal and United Stink! Podcast 2019/10/02
THROWBACK - LADS EPISODE 1 Podcast 2019/09/27
LADS#192 - Liverpool Defeat Chelsea, Man City Smash Watford, United Lose to West Ham, and FIFA 11 Podcast 2019/09/25
LADS#191 - USMNT Talk with Underdog Soccer Podcast Host Matty Knips and Discord Special Show Podcast 2019/09/21
LADS#190 - UCL Group Stage Matches Recap and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/09/20
LADS#189 - Arsenal Gonna Arsenal, Man City Drop Points, Liverpool Pull Through, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/09/18
Lads#188 - Premier League Week 5 Preview Podcast 2019/09/12
LADS#187 - International Break Blues feat. Golden Goal Podcast Podcast 2019/09/11
LADS#186 - Icardi to PSG, North London Party, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/09/04
LADS#185 - Liverpool Pump Arsenal, United Blow It, VAR Sucks, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/08/28
LADS#184 - Premier League Week 3 Preview Podcast 2019/08/23
LADS#183 - Premier League Week 2 Recap and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/08/21
LADS#182 - UEFA Super Cup Recap and Premier League Week 2 Preview feat. Rob Sweeney Podcast 2019/08/16
LADS#181 - Premier League Week 1 Recap Podcast 2019/08/14
LADS#180 - MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER UPDATE feat. Tom from MLS Aces Podcast 2019/08/13
LADS#179 - Premier League 2019/20 Season Predictions Podcast 2019/08/09
LADS#178 - Deadline Day Special feat. Tyler Skye and Aaron Smith Podcast 2019/08/08
LADS#177 - Maguire to United, Bedoya makes a statement, Community Shield, Dybala to Spurs?, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/08/07
LADS#176 - USWNT Pay Gap, Manchester United Transfer Update, and Fan Questions feat. Drew Pells from On The Counter Podcast Podcast 2019/08/02
LADS#175 - Everton and Arsenal Making Moves, Real Madrid Drama, and Fan Questions feat. Rob Sweeney Podcast 2019/07/31
LADS#174 - Saturday Special featuring Rui from The Red Card Report Podcast 2019/07/27
LADS#173 - Ozil gets car jacked, Arsenal sign someone, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/07/26
LADS#172 - Red Wine and Arepas: How Football is Becoming Venezuela's Religion by Jordan Florit Podcast 2019/07/25
LADS#171 - Bale vs. Zidane, Ronaldo News, Ranking Premier League Clubs, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/07/24
LADS#170 - The State Of Manchester United, Juventus is just being unfair, and Fan Questions! Podcast 2019/07/19
LADS#169 - Maguire to United?, ESPN Club Power Rankings, and Fan Questions feat. Andy from Top Class Finish Podcast 2019/07/17
LADS#168 - Lads Discord Channel Special Feat. Alex Sanchez and Kyle Wilkins! Podcast 2019/07/12
LADS#167 - USWNT WIN THE WORLD CUP, usmnt lose the gold cup, Neymar Drama, and Fan Questions feat. Nate from Top Class Finish Soccer Podcast Podcast 2019/07/10
LADS#166 - USWNT World Cup Final, USMNT, Final, Lampard to Chelsea, and Fan Questions feat. Rob Sweeney Podcast 2019/07/05
LADS#165 - USMNT Gold Cup, USWNT World Cup, and Transfer Talk feat. Anthony Shopa From Two Foot Talk Podcast Podcast 2019/07/02
LADS#164 - LADS UPDATE Podcast 2019/06/20
LADS#163 - Neymar's Future, Premier League Shuffle, USWNT, and Gambling feat. Nico from CanIKickIt.Blog Podcast 2019/06/18
LADS#162 - USWNT Dominate, USMNT Disgust, and Fan Questions feat. Mostly Soccer Podcast Podcast 2019/06/12
LADS#161 - Saturday Special feat. Logan Smith and Brian Angelino Podcast 2019/06/08
LADS#160 - Women's World Cup/Gold Cup Preview feat. Bros Talking Soccer Podcast 2019/06/07
LADS#159 - Liverpool are Champions of Europe Podcast 2019/06/05
LADS#158 - Chelsea Europa League Champions, UCL Final Preview, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/05/31
LADS#157 - Villa is Back, Valverde Out, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/05/29
LADS#156 - Transfer Talk Podcast 2019/05/24
LADS#155 - Man City Treble, UEFA Sucks, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/05/22
LADS#154 - Full Kit Wankers Podcast (Live in Brooklyn) Podcast 2019/05/17
LADS#153 - Premier League End Of Season Recap Podcast 2019/05/15
LADS#152 - Liverpool/Spurs Comeback Baby feat. Logan Smith Podcast 2019/05/10
LADS#151 - Liverpool Comeback, Kompany Rocket, United Europa, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/05/08
LADS#150 - Champions League Semi-Final Recap feat. The Free Kick Pod Podcast 2019/05/02
LADS#149 - Neymar Punches A Fan, Good Guy Bielsa, Top 4 Struggle, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/05/01
LADS#148 - PFA Team of the Year, Manchester Derby, Typical Arsenal, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/04/26
LADS#147 - No One Wants To Be Fourth Podcast 2019/04/24
LADS#146 - Champions League Quarter-Finals Recap Podcast 2019/04/19
LADS#145 - SPURS WIN feat. Will Rivard from Tottenham Hotspur World Podcast 2019/04/18
LADS#144 - Drake Curse, Liverpool Beat Chelsea, Arsenal Win Away, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/04/17
LADS#143 - Bundesliga, Champions League, and Premier League Talk featuring Critty Smith Podcast 2019/04/12
LADS#142 - Hazard is still really good Podcast 2019/04/10
LADS#141 - QUICKIE POD Podcast 2019/04/05
Leonardo Bonucci Is A Big Dumb Idiot and Why I Can't Stand Italians(occer) Soccer 2019/04/04
LADS#140 - Bonucci is an idiot, Tottenham have done it again, and fan questions baby Podcast 2019/04/04
LADS#139 - Ole's At The Wheel, EPL Bets, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/03/29
LADS#138 - Raheem Sterling Calls Out Racists, USMNT Crushing It, Top Foreign Player in EPL History, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/03/27
LADS#137 - Saturday Special feat. Discord Channel Subscribers Podcast 2019/03/23
LADS#136 - Pogba Talking Madrid and Griezmann Wants Out Podcast 2019/03/22
LADS#135 - International Break Blues, Zlatan's Comments On Class of 92', and FA Cup/Prem Recap Podcast 2019/03/20
LADS#134 - Ronaldo's Champions League and Liverpool outdo the Germans Podcast 2019/03/16
LADS#133 - Zidane is Back, Grealish Gets Punched, and Lads Derby Recap Podcast 2019/03/13
LADS#132 - PSG BLOW IT Podcast 2019/03/08
LADS#131 - North London Penalties, City Goes Top, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/03/06
LADS#130 - Saturday Special feat. Ryan LaRosa and Dom Caporale Podcast 2019/03/02
LADS#129 - Kepa The Millennial, Claud/Claudio Gone, Kieran Loves Chelsea, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/03/01
LADS#128 - The Draw in Liverpool and The Balls in Madrid Podcast 2019/02/22
LADS#127 - Sarri Out? Podcast 2019/02/20
LADS#126 - Saturday Special feat. Mark Warack of From The Spot Soccer Podcast Podcast 2019/02/16
LADS#125 - Champions League Recap BABY Podcast 2019/02/15
LADS#124 - Ramsey Gets Paid, City Destroys Chelsea, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/02/13
LADS#123 - Beckham Gets A Statue, City Goes Top, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/02/08
LADS#123 - Beckham Gets A Statue, City Goes Top, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/02/08
LADS#122 - Mourinho Slips, Man City Catching Liverpool, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/02/06
LADS#121 - Saturday Special featuring High Press Podcast Podcast 2019/02/02
LADS#120 - Neymar Injured, FA Cup is BACK, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/01/30
LADS#119 - Interview with Manchester United Boston Podcast 2019/01/29
LADS#118 - Real Madrid, Bundesliga, and EPL Talk feat. Anthony Shopa from Two Foot Talk Podcast 2019/01/25
Former Skinhead Hardo From Florida Wants To Bring Hooliganism To The US Soccer 2019/01/24
LADS#117 - Arsenal Beat Chelsea, Salah Dive?, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/01/23
LADS#116 - Leeds Spygate, EPL Weekend Predictions, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/01/18
LADS#115 - What's Going On With Arsenal ,United Cruising, and Zlatan Being Zlatan Podcast 2019/01/16
LADS#114 - Saturday Special featuring Who Kicked the Corner Flag Podcast 2019/01/12
LADS#113 - Raheem Sterling Does Good, January Transfer News, and EPL Weekend Bets Podcast 2019/01/11
LADS#112 - Wayne Rooney Arrested, FA Cup is Still Good?, and Fan Questions! Podcast 2019/01/09
LADS#111- Pulisic to Chelsea, Liverpool v. Man City, EPL Recap, and Fan Questions Podcast 2019/01/04
LADS#110 - Pulisic to Chelsea, Liverpool Dominate Arsenal, and 2018 Roundup Podcast 2018/12/31
LADS#109 - Boxing Day Recap Podcast 2018/12/28
LADS#108 - Bundesliga Midseason Recap featuring Critty Smith Podcast 2018/12/26
LADS#107 - League Cup Recap and Weekend Predictions Podcast 2018/12/21
LADS#106 - Jose Mourinho Fired, Messi is still good, and Fan Questions Podcast 2018/12/20
LADS#105 - Weekend Special featuring Drew Pells From The On The Counter Podcast Podcast 2018/12/17
LADS#105 - Saturday Special Podcast featuring Drew Pells From On The Counter Podcast Podcast 2018/12/15
LADS#104 - Champions League Recap and Weekend Bets Podcast 2018/12/14
LADS#103 - Atlanta Wins, Chelsea Wins, and Dortmund Wins Podcast 2018/12/12
LADS#102 - Pele's comments on Messi and Arsenal v. Manchester United Recap Podcast 2018/12/07
LADS#101 - Ballon d'Or Disaster and North London Derby Podcast 2018/12/05
LADS#100 - Champions League Recap and North London Derby Preview Podcast 2018/11/30
LADS#99 - EPL Recap, Why Does Bayern Suck, and MLS Playoff Roundup Podcast 2018/11/28
LADS#98 - Pat McIntosh From Pro Soccer Talks Podcast 2018/11/20
LADS#97 - USA vs. England, VAR in the Premier League, and Club Power Rankings Podcast 2018/11/16
LADS#96 - Premier League Week 12 Recap Podcast 2018/11/14
EPL Week 12 Bets Baby! Soccer 2018/11/09
LADS#95 - Footy Leaks and Premier League Week 11 Recap Podcast 2018/11/06
LADS#94 - Saturday Special featuring Jay and Kelly from the Unrelegated Podcast Podcast 2018/11/03
LADS#93 - Premier League Week 11 Preview Podcast 2018/11/02
The MLS Is Not A Retirement League But Is Actually Fueling A European Bloodline Into American Soccer: My Conspiracy Theory Blog Soccer 2018/10/31
LADS#92 - Premier League Week 10 Recap Podcast 2018/10/30
LADS#91 - Will Rivard From Tottenham Hotspur World Podcast 2018/10/27
LADS#90 - Premier League Week 10 Preview Podcast 2018/10/26
LADS#89 - Sunderland Reporter James Copley Podcast 2018/10/24
LADS#88 - Week 9 Premier League Preview/Bets Podcast 2018/10/19
LADS#87 - Fan Special Episode Podcast 2018/10/17
LADS#86 - Premier League Week 8 Recap Podcast 2018/10/11
LADS#86 - Premier League Week 8 Recap Podcast 2018/10/11
LADS#85 - Bros Talking Soccer Podcast Feature Podcast 2018/10/09
LADS#84 - Saturday Special Featuring Full Kit Wankers Podcast Podcast 2018/10/06
LADS#83 - UCL Recap and Premier League Week 8 Preview Podcast 2018/10/04
LADS#82 - Cristiano Ronaldo Allegations and Week 7 Premier League Week Recap Podcast 2018/10/02
LADS#81 - Saturday Special featuring Jake from PhillyBlues and Bryan from PhillySpurs Podcast 2018/09/29
LADS#80 - Premier League Week 7 Predictions Podcast 2018/09/28
LADS#79 - FIFA Awards Controversy and EPL Week 6 Recap Podcast 2018/09/25
LADS#78 - Greg Orlandini of the Philly Soccer Show Podcast 2018/09/24
LADS#77 - Champions League Week 1 Recap Podcast 2018/09/21
LADS#76 - Douglas Costa spits, Zlatan scores 500th, and Premier League Week 5 Recap Podcast 2018/09/20
LADS#75 - Mark Jenkinson and Tim Braunecker of Liverpool FC Philly Podcast 2018/09/19
LADS#74 - Head of Manchester United FC Philadelphia Mike Formento Podcast 2018/09/17
LADS#73 - Interview with Chair of Man City Philadelphia Paul Greenhalgh Podcast 2018/09/15
LADS#72 - Champions League Group Picks featuring Anthony Shopa Podcast 2018/09/14
LADS#71-Premier League Week 5 Preview...LADS ARE BACK BABY Podcast 2018/09/11
LADS#70 - Premier League Preview Week 4 Podcast 2018/08/30
LADS#69 - Premier League Week 3 Recap Podcast 2018/08/28
LADS#68 - Premier League Week 3 Preview Podcast 2018/08/25
LADS#67 - Mino Raiola Tweets, Chelsea saddens Arsenal, and Man City runs a train Podcast 2018/08/22
LADS#66 - The Lads become MLS journalists Podcast 2018/08/20
LADS#65 - Premier League Week 2 Preview Podcast 2018/08/17
LADS#64 - Premier League Week 1 Recap Podcast 2018/08/14
LADS#63 - Week 1 Premier League Preview Podcast 2018/08/07
LADS#62 - Premier League Preview & Team Talk Podcast Podcast 2018/08/01
LADS#62 - Premier League Preview and Team Talk Podcast 2018/07/31
LADS#61 - Green Street Hooligans Review Podcast 2018/07/27
LADS#60 - F*ck Racism with Mesut Ozil and Fan Special! Podcast 2018/07/24
LADS#59 - Transfer Rumor Podcast or Dudes Gossiping About Soccer Podcast 2018/07/19
LADS#58 - World Cup Final Recap Featuring Critty Smith Podcast 2018/07/16
FIFA Sucks More than Usual and Why You Should be Pissed Off Soccer 2018/07/13
LADS#57 - BUH BYE Ronaldo and Semi-Final Recap...its not coming home... :( Podcast 2018/07/12
LADS#56 - Brazil makes Mexico sad again, Waffles beat Sushi, and ITS COMING HOME. Plus fan questions! Podcast 2018/07/06
LADS#55 - France/Uruguay knock out the Goats, Spain blow it against Putin, and Croatia hold on. Podcast 2018/07/03
Some Jabroni from ESPN said that Liverpool should sell Mo Salah. Let me tell you why they are an idiot and should be fired. Soccer 2018/06/29
LADS#54 - Fellaini and Salah Talk PLUS World Cup Knockout Round Predictions BABY! Podcast 2018/06/29
LADS#53 - Brazil wins, Nigeria bails out Argentina, Belgium and England look nice, and Germany steals a win against the Swedes Podcast 2018/06/25
LADS#52 - World Cup Quickie With Anthony Shopa Podcast 2018/06/22
LADS#51 - Sex at the World Cup, Argentina ruining our brackets, and fan questions! Podcast 2018/06/21
LADS#50 - WORLD CUP UPDATE Podcast 2018/06/19
LADS#49 - We Predict the World Cup Podcast 2018/06/13
LADS#48 - Pep: Racist?, Karius: Concussed, Sane: Snubbed, and World Cup: Predicted Podcast 2018/06/06
LADS#47 - Raheem Sterling's Tattoo and Champions League Final Recap Podcast 2018/05/30
LADS#46 - Champions League Final Talk with Anthony Shopa Podcast 2018/05/22
LADS#45 - Who is the 3rd best player in the world? Podcast 2018/05/17
LADS#44 - Golden Boot Not So Golden, Lads Awards, EPL Recap Show, andddd Questions Podcast 2018/05/16
LADS#43 - Transfer Rumors, UCL Predictions, EPL Recap/Relegation Talk, and Questions Podcast 2018/05/10
LADS#42 - Trump, Arsene Wenger, and LADS Derby Baby Podcast 2018/05/02
LADS' 2017-2018 Premier League Combined XI Soccer 2018/05/02
Bad Champions League Semi-Finals Predictions Soccer 2018/04/24
LADS#41 - West Brom wins the title and United & Arsenal make us sad Podcast 2018/04/19
West Brom with the Greatest Cucking of all Time Soccer 2018/04/16
LADS#40 - Man City/ Barcelona crash out, Manchester Derby, and is Jack Wilshere a tough guy? Podcast 2018/04/11
LADS#38 - PFA PoY Debate and Intl Break Shenanigans Podcast 2018/03/29
LADS#37 - 21 Thunder Episodes 1 and 2 Recap Podcast 2018/03/17
Champions League Sucks. Here's My Take on the Round of 16. Soccer 2018/03/15
LADS#36 - ManUtd Defeat Liverpool, Man City win...duh, and Arsenal are back? Podcast 2018/03/14
LADS#35 - Manchester clubs on top and Arsenal suffer another loss Podcast 2018/03/07
LADS#34 - VAR Debate Podcast 2018/03/03
LADS#33 - Bad Review, NASL Cancelled, and Manchester Clubs Dominate Podcast 2018/02/28
Anthony Shopa aka Young Leg does UCL Predictions pt. 1 Soccer 2018/02/26
LADS#32 - FA Cup/Champions League Recap Podcast 2018/02/22
LADS#31 - Everyone did well except Arsenal and Man United featuring Stan Whyte interview Podcast 2018/02/14
LADS#30 - Arsenal and Manchester United Make Us Sad Podcast 2018/02/01
Andy Reid and Arsene Wenger are the Greatest Regular Season Coaches of All Time and Why That's a Problem Soccer 2018/01/31
T-Shirt Promo Video 2018/01/28
LADS#29 - Prem Weekend Recap and Anthony Shopa Transfer Talk Podcast 2018/01/24
LADS#28 - Man City/Liverpool Shootout and Arsenal Blow It Podcast 2018/01/17
LADS#27 - Mourinho/Conte Beef and Coutinho's Transfer Podcast 2018/01/10
The Duality of Man(chester United) Soccer 2018/01/10
LADS#26 - Premier League Christmas Schedule Podcast 2018/01/05
LADS#25 - Mark Warack Pod Special Podcast 2017/12/30
Jose Mourinho: All the Money in the World Soccer 2017/12/29
LADS#24 - El Clasico Drama Podcast 2017/12/27
LADS#23 - Griezmann's an idiot and EPL Recap Podcast 2017/12/20
French Soccer Player does Blackface... Soccer 2017/12/18
LADS#22 - Champions League Draw and Messi's Contract Debate Podcast 2017/12/16
MicroBlog: NBC Gold is a Teaser for Net Neutrality and it's all BS Soccer 2017/12/15
LADS#21 - Manchester Derby Podcast 2017/12/13
LADS#20 - LADS Derby Review Podcast 2017/12/06
LADS#19 - LADS Derby Podcast 2017/11/29
LADS - North London Derby Interviews Video 2017/11/29
LADS#18 - International Break Podcast 2017/11/16
LADS#17 - Exploding Beers Podcast 2017/11/09
LADS#16 - L.A.D.S. Podcast Podcast 2017/11/02