LADS#222 - Hair is Back and Bundesliga Recap with Posts and Pints Podcast

Originally Posted At: Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Posted: 05-22-2020 13:00

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

LADS#222 - Hair is Back and Bundesliga Recap with Posts and Pints Podcast

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Release Date: 05-22-2020 13:00

In this episode, the lads are joined by Matt and Andrew of the Post and Pints podcast! We discuss what is going on with players growing their hair, the weird no fans atmosphere, Bundesliga Recap, Premier League players testing positive, and fan questions! So come hang and please give the Post and Pints lads a follow and a listen!!!

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Podcast and blogging by two dudes from South Philadelphia who love to drink a few beers and rant about the English Premier League and world soccer. Come hang!

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