LADS#47 - Raheem Sterling's Tattoo and Champions League Final Recap

Posted: 05-29-2018 21:44

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

LADS#47 - Raheem Sterling's Tattoo and Champions League Final Recap

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Release Date: 05-29-2018 21:44

In this episode we go over the hot debate circling the soccer world...Raz's gun tattoo??? We also cover our time at the Tavern on Broad where we did a live podcast which went well? Plus we go over our thoughts on the Champions League final and both teams going forward! Come have a cold on with us as we ramble some footy!

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Podcast and blogging by two dudes from South Philadelphia who love to drink a few beers and rant about the English Premier League and world soccer. Come hang!

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