LADS#184 - Premier League Week 3 Preview

Originally Posted At: Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Posted: 08-23-2019 03:59

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

LADS#184 - Premier League Week 3 Preview

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Release Date: 08-23-2019 03:59

In this episode, the lads discuss the massive matchup which is Arsenal vs Liverpool at Anfield and if they can grab points awayanyway we also discuss the rest of the top 6 matchups, Mourinho quotes about VAR, Queen hanging out with Maradona, and end it all with fan questions so come hang!brbrLearn more about your ad choices Visit a href=https//megaphonefm/adchoicesmegaphonefm/adchoices/a

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Podcast and blogging by two dudes from South Philadelphia who love to drink a few beers and rant about the English Premier League and world soccer. Come hang!

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