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Today Kate and D.J. sit down with long time friend of the show, Kevin Pettit of The Loud Americans Discussing Soccer (LADS) Podcast and! We kick off the show by surprising Kevin that he is our longest active partner on the site dating back to episode 16 of LADS, which was published on November 2, 2017. As of this recording, Kevin was about to head off to record LADS episode 225. We talk about how Kevin and his co-host Martin Frasier got into recording a soccer podcast and the challenges of recording the show after they were no longer roommates in Philadelphia. Follow Kevin: @kevinjpettit3 (Twitter), @kevinjpettit (Instagram) Follow LADS: @LADS_podcast (Twitter), @ladspodcast (Instagram) and subscribe wherever you download your favorite podcasts! This episode was released as a podcast, so be search to search for StadiumScene.TV's Main Event and subscribe!