LADS#23 - Griezmann's an idiot and EPL Recap

Posted: 12-20-2017 05:50

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

LADS#23 - Griezmann's an idiot and EPL Recap

Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

Release Date: 12-20-2017 05:50

In this episode we go over Griezmann's 80s party fiasco(0:00-8:07), discuss greatest teams of all time in the Premier League(8:08-13:30), Arsenal and Chelsea's 1-0 victories(13:31-24:57), Man City thrashing Tottenham and Man United scrapping a victory(24:58-43:54), and we wrap it up with Liverpool dominating Bournemouth and touch on the rest of the games around the Prem.(43:55-End). Come grab a brew with us and hang!

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Note: This podcast contains explicit language. Parental discretion is advised.

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Podcast and blogging by two dudes from South Philadelphia who love to drink a few beers and rant about the English Premier League and world soccer. Come hang!

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