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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Stadium Scene MVP Network?

A: The Stadium Scene Network is a collection of blogs, podcasts, and video creators that we feature on Stadium We are looking for the best up and coming content creators to grow with us.

Q: What kind of content are you looking for?

A: Great question! We’re looking for blogs, video channels, and podcasts that enhance the content of our site. Maybe you’re a sports blogger providing commentary, or maybe you’d rather write about a particular professional sport? If your content enhances Stadium, we’re interested!

Q:How does it work?

A: It depends on your content type:


As long as you have an SSL certificiate (the padlock in the address box of your browser), we automatically import your direct blog page into our site so you get the page view! If not, we pull a brief summary of the post and link back to your site. It's highly reccommended to enable the SSL feature if offered or purchase this from your blog host as it significantly improves your site security and will also help you show up higher in Google search results!

Not technical? We are! Have us install your SSL certificate and boost your blog security!


As you release your podcast, we copy the link to our player and also provide links for the user to subscribe to you on their favorite podcast platform. We're linking directly to your host site, so your local host analytics get credit for the listen!


YouTube makes it very easy to embed your content into a blog post. We’ll embed and create a template to help link people back to your channel to subscribe. Even though we are displaying the video on our page, you still get view credit on YouTube!

In addition to YouTube, we now support videos from Twitch.TV and have a live Twitch player! Stream a sports show on Twitch? Want to show off your best eSports replays? We can help with that too!

Q: How do you grow your following?

A: We're constantly monitoring and adjusting our SEO (See "What is SEO?") and growing our following of targeted sports followers on social media to drive traffic back to the site. The key is targeting real followers who are interested in what you provide. Social media is full of them.

Q: There are accounts out there with thousands of more followers. What's so special about yours?

A: If you really look in depth at the accounts with thousands and thousands of followers, many of them have fake followers that will never engage with you. As stated above, we target specific followers who are just like you or would be interested in your material. Engagement is the key to growing your publication, isn't it?

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The MVP network is free to join if accepted! If you join the premium network, you'll have unlimited post, podcast, and video imports every month in addition to other great benefits mentioned below for a low monthly fee!

Q: What's the catch? Do you own our material?

A: No catch! We are the belief that teammwork always works better and as a startup, building that audience is very difficult. You own your own material, we link to you through your direct work, so no view stealing from us. If you ever decide to leave, we can pull your work from the site if you prefer.

Q: What do you get as part of the free tier?

A: The free tier of membership includes some great benefits as you are starting up:

Import your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel

Each month import from one of the following:

  • Blog - 5 posts
  • Podcast - 2 Episodes
  • YouTube - 2 Videos

All paid members get a welcome message on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

We'll say hello and welcome you on our social media

Training Camp Article

We'll feature a new sample article periodically to teach you something new about publishing a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

Network with our partners!

This feature has been such a success, we've recently changed it to the free tier! Get to know our fellow partners, network with them, have them on your podcast, or videos. You'll never struggle to find a guest ever again!

Q: What do I get as a premium MVP member?

A: In addition to unlimited importing of your sports themed blog, podcast, and videos, you'll get:

Have a blog and a podcast?

You can attach your blog, podcast, and a YouTube channel to your same account!

Social Media Hype

We'll hype your new posts/episodes on our social media (Facbook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Commercial Library

Have you created an audio commercial for your blog, podcast, or video channel? Put it in our library and our partners could use it on their shows! Another great way to network and make new friends around the globe!

Training Camp Access

You have access to our growing library of articles to help improve your publication

Q: Who are some of your MVP partners?

A: Check out this list of our MVP partners! We currrently have contribution from over 30 US states and seven countries around the world!

Apply and join us!