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Jay Bird Watching is your source for all things Toronto Blue Jays! Join the crew of Craig Borden, Brendan Panikkar, and Adam Corsair every week as they unpack the latest news and rumors. Whether it’s on your favorite podcatcher, watching the show on our YouTube channel, or watching us LIVE on our video-feed on Twitter, Jay Bird Watching has you covered!

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Mixed Signals and Stumbling Offense Continues Podcast 2024/06/14
A Roller Coaster Season Does Not Quite Summarize It Podcast 2024/06/07
Vicious Cycle or Calm Before Storm? Podcast 2024/05/31
Back Due To Popular Demand! #BlueJays Podcast 2024/05/24
Blue Jays, Your Love Is Like Bad Medicine Podcast 2024/05/17
Closed Door Meetings and Brotherly Love Bashing, What Does It Take To Shake Things Up Podcast 2024/05/10
Time To Wake Up Bats.... Podcast 2024/05/03
No Fun In Kansas City Podcast 2024/04/26
Just Short of A Sweep..... Podcast 2024/04/19
Blue Jays Struggling for Consistency To Open Season Podcast 2024/04/10
Ups, Downs, and Benches Clear Oh My! Podcast 2024/04/03
LET'S GO!!! #MLB Opening Day is Here #BlueJays Fans Podcast 2024/03/28
Does This Power Offense Continue In The Regular Season? Podcast 2024/03/20
Votto Watch Begins As Position Battles Heat Up Podcast 2024/03/13
Discovering Dunedin: A talk with Vice Mayor of Dunedin, Maureen "Moe" Freaney Podcast 2024/03/05
Are We Off and Running??? Podcast 2024/02/27
Spring Training Achieved! #BlueJays Camp Opens Podcast 2024/02/20
Baseball is NEXT!! Podcast 2024/02/14
Talkin Baseball Immortality and the Baseball Hall of Fame Podcast 2024/02/06
Bold Spring Training Predictions and Justin Turner Joins the Blue Jays Podcast 2024/01/31
Did The Blue Jays Lose This Offseason? Podcast 2024/01/23
The Blue Jays Are Checking In On Snell??? Podcast 2024/01/17
Is A Former World Series MVP A Fit For the Blue Jays? Podcast 2024/01/09
What Is The Vision For This 2024 Blue Jays Roster? Podcast 2024/01/04
Cody Bellinger and Other Primary Targets? Podcast 2023/12/19
Ohtani Plane Gate and The Following Heartbreak Podcast 2023/12/12
Is This Real? Are The Blue Jays Really In On Soto and/or Ohtani?? Podcast 2023/12/07
Is Bo On The Go? We Hope No.... Podcast 2023/11/28
Sho-hei Me The MONEY!!! Podcast 2023/11/21
Tales From The Blue Jays Minor Leagues Podcast 2023/11/14
Officially The Offseason, What Is Next For The Blue Jays? Podcast 2023/11/07
Lets Talk Baseball Cards and Bubble Gum Podcast 2023/10/31
In Cito We Trust Podcast 2023/10/24
Kangaroo Court - #BlueJays Management Failing the Fans? Podcast 2023/10/17
You Thought The Last Few Weeks Were Wild..... Podcast 2023/10/03
Can This Be More Exciting A Finish? Podcast 2023/09/26
Blue Jays Staying Lucky, How Do They Keep it Rolling? Podcast 2023/09/19
Winning Cures All and Loonie Hot Dogs Podcast 2023/09/12
The Bisons Bunch Providing Much Needed Spark! Podcast 2023/09/05
Dog Days Of August Beating Up The Blue Jays Podcast 2023/08/29
Reinforcements Ready for the Playoff Hunt? Podcast 2023/08/22
Will The Bautista Party Get This Team Moving? Podcast 2023/08/15
Bean Town Smash Hit Davis Schnieder leads Blue Jays Podcast 2023/08/08
Trade Deadline Drama Incoming! Podcast 2023/08/01
Blue Jay's Not So Home Away From Home.... Podcast 2023/07/25
Monster All-Star Break Vibes for #BlueJays Fans! Podcast 2023/07/18
Heading Into The All-Star Break With Some Momentum #bluejays Podcast 2023/07/11
Blue Jay's have been failing to solve the AL East Podcast 2023/07/03
What Started The Fire? The #BlueJays look Re-Energized Podcast 2023/06/27
Blue Jays Feeling The Texas Heat After Rough Start To The Road Trip Podcast 2023/06/20
La Makina Is Reaping The Benefits Of His Hard Work! Podcast 2023/06/16
OMG level move by the Blue Jay's shows seriousness about winning Podcast 2023/06/08
This #BlueJays Team Causes Stress Podcast 2023/05/31
Do We Have A Pulse? #BlueJays Looking To Bounce Back Post Losing Streak Podcast 2023/05/24
What Are You Looking At.....? Podcast 2023/05/17
Are the Blue Jays Heating Up? Podcast 2023/05/09
Bullpen Needs More Help Then Bichette's Offense Can Make Up of Late.... Podcast 2023/05/03
Is This What We Get To Look Forward Too??? Podcast 2023/04/27
A Pitching Rollercoaster but the Blue Jays Contend Podcast 2023/04/19
Finally Home After A Long 10 Games on the Road Podcast 2023/04/12
Welcome to the Neighborhood! #BlueJays Home Opener Preview Podcast 2023/04/05
OPENING DAY IS HERE, Season Preview With Our Guest Scott Richmond Podcast 2023/03/29
Fun With Blue Jays Promotions and the Last Week of Spring Training! Podcast 2023/03/23
Are The Blue Jays Gearing Up For A Hot Start? Podcast 2023/03/16
The Mental Game, A Discussion on Sports Psychology and Mental Performance Podcast 2023/03/12
Bat Flippin into Mid Spring Training! Podcast 2023/03/09
Pitch Clock Issues and Other Early Spring Training Observations Podcast 2023/03/02
How Do The Blue Jays Stack Up and How To Keep The Band Together? Podcast 2023/02/23
WBC, Flawed Arb Process, and the Birth of Spring! Podcast 2023/02/16
New Feuds and New Threads To Start The Spring Podcast 2023/02/09
Welcome Mr. Green and The Coming of Spring Training Podcast 2023/02/02
Vladdy Vicious and Possible Blue Jays Contract Extensions? Podcast 2023/01/26
Ready for Arbitration Battle? Podcast 2023/01/19
Way Too Early Spring Training Predictions Show! - Fixed Podcast 2023/01/12
Way To Early Spring Training Predictions Show! Podcast 2023/01/11
New Year, Same Goal Podcast 2023/01/05
What the Varsho? Podcast 2022/12/29
Santa, Make This a World Series Team... Podcast 2022/12/23
Is The Plan Coming Together??? Podcast 2022/12/15
What Could Happen During the Winter Meetings? Podcast 2022/12/07
Hurry Up & Wait Kind of Offseason Podcast 2022/11/29
No More Seeds.... Podcast 2022/11/23
Taking A Swing At The Rumor Mill Podcast 2022/11/16
Hot Stove Set To Boil.... Podcast 2022/11/09
Fancy Glove Work Podcast 2022/11/04
The Schneider Era Continues Podcast 2022/10/28
Show Me Ohtani Podcast 2022/10/19
The Baseball Gods Are Mean... Podcast 2022/10/12
Let's Get Loud Toronto! Podcast 2022/10/06
Storming Into The Playoffs Podcast 2022/10/03
The Juice Box of Horrors Podcast 2022/09/27
Down to the Finish! Podcast 2022/09/19
Nothing But Flow Podcast 2022/09/14
Jay's Got Their Swagger Back? Podcast 2022/09/06
This Roller Coaster is Wild! Podcast 2022/08/30
Can We Build On This? Podcast 2022/08/23
Everything is fine...... Podcast 2022/08/16
Can This Team Go On a Run? Podcast 2022/08/09
Only Caught A Bass??? Podcast 2022/08/02
Finally Have The Right Mix? Podcast 2022/07/26
Get me Soto! Podcast 2022/07/20
Holes in all the wrong places.... Podcast 2022/07/12
How Did We Get Here? Podcast 2022/07/05
Who Broke The Pitching? Podcast 2022/06/28
Backloaded At the Backstop Podcast 2022/06/21
There has been an awakening... Podcast 2022/06/14
Who Found The Offense? Podcast 2022/06/07
When the Levee Breaks Podcast 2022/05/31
Who Becomes The Ignitor? Podcast 2022/05/24
Time To Wake Up The Bats Podcast 2022/05/17
Umpires Gone Wild Podcast 2022/05/12
The Cito Method Podcast 2022/05/03
The Comeback Kids Podcast 2022/04/27
Fear the Vladdy Podcast 2022/04/21
It Has Only Been One Week Podcast 2022/04/14
The Movie Previews Are Over Blue Jays Fans Podcast 2022/04/07
The Season Is Almost Here Podcast 2022/03/31
Here Come The Jays! Podcast 2022/03/22
This Has To End Podcast 2022/03/08
The Airing Of Grievances Podcast 2022/02/16
JBW v. Jays Journal - Guess that Blue Jay! Podcast 2022/01/26
Guess That Blue Jay Night! Podcast 2022/01/12
New Year, New Opportunity Podcast 2021/12/28
Christmas Wishes for the Blue Jays Podcast 2021/12/21
The Gang Is Back Together Podcast 2021/12/15
In the mean time.... Podcast 2021/12/08
Good Luck Hitters Podcast 2021/12/01
The Franco Effect Podcast 2021/11/24
All Hail King Pants Podcast 2021/11/17
Hot Stove Season Kickoff Party Podcast 2021/11/10
Help is NOT ALLOWED!!! Podcast 2021/10/27
Where do we go from here? Podcast 2021/10/20
Early Free Agency debate! Podcast 2021/10/13
Not What We All Had In Mind... Podcast 2021/10/07
Now or Nothing Podcast 2021/09/27
Wild Card Drama & Controversy Podcast 2021/09/22
The Scariest Team In Baseball? Podcast 2021/09/16
TAKE THE WILD CARD Podcast 2021/09/08
Window of Opportunity? Podcast 2021/09/02
Is This Ship Sinking....? Podcast 2021/08/25
WHO BROKE IT!!! Podcast 2021/08/19
That Escalated Quickly Podcast 2021/08/12
BEST Re-OPENING DAY EVER! Podcast 2021/08/04
Down to the wire on the Trade Deadline Podcast 2021/07/29
Cheers to Buffalo, Finally Heading Home Podcast 2021/07/22
The VladVP All-STARS Podcast 2021/07/15
This Trade Markets Already Getting ROWDY!! Podcast 2021/07/07
OMG A TRADE ALREADY! Podcast 2021/06/30
A Little Extra Spring! Podcast 2021/06/23
Apparently....No Lead Is Safe Podcast 2021/06/17
In Need of Relief... Podcast 2021/06/09
Buff-A-Luving it! Podcast 2021/06/03
Let the Manoah Mania Begin! Podcast 2021/05/27
Take the EAST!!! Podcast 2021/05/19
Have Your Broom Ready? Podcast 2021/05/13
WHAT THE GRICHUK!!! Podcast 2021/05/06
Vladdy Vicious Podcast 2021/04/29
Looking For The Upswing Podcast 2021/04/22
Kickstart this offense Podcast 2021/04/14
Quick hit - The offense shows up for Ryu Podcast 2021/04/13
What The ROARK! Podcast 2021/04/07
Quick Hit - Enough is enough Mr. Roark Podcast 2021/04/06
Hit parade in Texas Podcast 2021/04/05
Quick hit - Opening the season with a bang Podcast 2021/04/05
Merry Opening Day! Podcast 2021/03/31
Injury Bug Infestation Podcast 2021/03/24
Is More Montoyo A Good Thing? Podcast 2021/03/17
How well will this pitching hold up? Podcast 2021/03/10
RaDio No Where... Podcast 2021/03/03
QUICK HIT - 3/1 Podcast 2021/03/01
Quick Hit - Blue Jays Win First Game of Spring! Podcast 2021/02/28
Bo Knows Extension Talks? Podcast 2021/02/24
Don't Panik Spring Training Is Here! Podcast 2021/02/17
Bauer Fallout and New 2021 Rules Podcast 2021/02/10
Is Pete Walker This Good? Podcast 2021/02/02
This Lineup Is Gonna Mash!!! Podcast 2021/01/27
Quick Hit: Blue Jays sign Semien Podcast 2021/01/26
QUICK HIT: 2015/16 vs 2021 & Beyond Podcast 2021/01/23
Blue Jays Spring Into Action Quickly! Podcast 2021/01/20
QUICK HIT: DJ LeMahieu to the Yankees Podcast 2021/01/15
Someone Take Our Money!!! Podcast 2021/01/13
Hurry Up & Wait.... Podcast 2021/01/06
MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! Podcast 2020/12/30
Santa, The Blue Jays Need Presents Podcast 2020/12/23
Are You Ready For The Fallout Podcast 2020/12/16
Fit For A Free Agent Frenzy Podcast 2020/12/09
Not Feeling Tender.... Podcast 2020/12/03