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Release Date: 04-16-2024 03:00

On this episode of the "House of Hockey" Podcast, Rae and her guest co-host Alma Laura, dive deep into the latest NHL news, PWHL news and share candid opinions on the hottest topics in the hockey world. Alma is a previous guest of the podcast, friend and fan of the LA Kings and Timo Meier. 

First on the docket: the seismic shift as the Arizona Coyotes pack up for Utah! Rae and Alma dissect the implications of this relocation, from player reactions of feeling "betrayed" to the potential rift with current owner Alex Meruelo.

Is expansion on the horizon, or will this move mark the end of an era for the Coyotes? What will the new team name be, they share a few ideas.

Plus, the buzz around Mark Stone's return to the Golden Knights after a spleen injury is palpable. Meanwhile, the Kings secure a coveted playoff spot, setting the stage for a thrilling postseason starting April 20th.

Don't miss Rae's reaction to Joel Quenneville’s interview on the Cam and Strick podcast and whether or not he deserves a second chance behind the bench. 

Speaking of injuries, the duo tackles the tough questions surrounding players like Jack Hughes and the role of coaches and team management in safeguarding their health. 

And they talk about Carolina's Andrei Svechnikov pulling off a THIRD Michigan goal and why there wasn’t more social media attention. 

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