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You've probably noticed that our content on our YouTube channel is growing rapidly and we're ready to start opening up new members to the channel platform!

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Q: What is the purpose Stadium Scene TV?

A: We have an opportunity to build out one of the first streaming channels that combines sports talk with live Esports and other content. This is an exciting time and we want you to join us for this journey.

Q: How is this different from The Stadium Scene Network?

A: The Stadium Scene Network syndicates your YouTube channel and podcast linking back to your channels where in this case we publish your video on our YouTube channel.

Q: Why would I want to let you show my episode videos on your YouTube channel?

A: We're looking to bundle a package of shows together that eventually will be built out into an app on TV streaming devices (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc) as the first full blown streaming channel featuring up and coming sports content producers and live Esports. We use this to help promote your own YouTube channel or Podcast.

Q: What kind of sponsorship?

A: As this project is still a small startup, we have partnerships in Affiliate Marketing format either through special links or promo codes. Some of these companies include Pure Hockey, Rogue Energy, FNX Fitness, and Lids. The revenues are shared across the partners who have signed an agreement to promote the product. As we package up the product, we'll go off and sell that to sponsors. Sponsors that seek out the channel to promote on specific shows will get a higher percentage of the pie so to speak.

Note: Any sponsors you find on your own are 100% yours. We're looking to find sponsors for the channel to help generate revenue for your content.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements?

A: We're looking for partners who will stick around and provide consistent content to the channel:


There is a lot of effort to set up a new partner so we need to know you'll stick around and produce content. At a minimum, we would like partners who have been publishing a show for a minimum of 6-9 months. We understand life gets in the way and breaks happen. Some of our themed shows use the off season to take some downtime, which is perfectly fine.

Show Duration

Generally, no more than an hour. We have shows that last 15-20 minutes, some last 30 minutes, some push that hour mark.

Sign an agreement

We require you to sign an agreement that you allow us to publish your show on our channel. The agreement also requires that you do not promote anything generally deemed illegal (sports betting is generally the exception as long as you aren't promoting illegal ways to get around local laws) and do not use anything speech deemed as hate spech or threating towards any individuals or groups. We also have individual agreements for any sponsors that state you'll promote the sponsor on your show and the percentage of payout you will get for promoting that sponsor.

Upload your content

We'll provide you access to a shared drive. Drop your episode file, the preview image for YouTube, and the episode description and we'll get it scheduled on the channel.

How can we cross promote and market?

A: We will post your episode preview image on our social media channels. Cross promotion using collaborative posts on Instagram or tagging you in a Facebook or TikTok post will also help with driving content.

Q: What if I want to take time off?

A: Great! You should to avoid burnout and keep yourselves creative. If your show misses a week here and there because life happens, that's fine. If you're planning on taking extended time off (seasonal breaks, off season breaks, etc) a courtesy heads up is all we ask so we can plan accordingly.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no fee to join this program, even if you are not a member of the Stadium Scene Network.

Q: Who are some of your partners?

A: We work with House of Hockey Podcast, Stranded in Pittsburgh (Stranded Sports), The Daily Dribble, and F-R Racing hosts three live Esports leagues and a talk show.

Q: What's the catch? Do you own our material?

A: No catch! You own 100% of your material and have the right to ask us to pull all your material off the site if you opt to end your relationship with us. Assuming you post to YouTube, we recommend waiting to post with us 1-2 days after so the initial YouTube algorithm can find your content and promote it.

Q: Can I still join the Stadium Scene Network?

A: We would love to have you join that network, however since we'll be publishing your videos, we don't want to double dip and post your videos twice. If your show is released in podcast form, we would love to add that to the network and promote it as part of Stadium Scene Radio.

Q: How can I sign up?

A: Click the button at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. We will typically respond in under five (5) business days once we have a chance to review and check out your content. If we accept your show, we'll set up time on Zoom to do a quick conference and go over the process, review the agreements, and answer any questions you may have before we get started.

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