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About Us: We are some college kids that have always loved sports. They are a huge part of our lives, and we love sharing our passion with our fans. We have a laid back, but an informed style of show. We try to sound like you and your friends having a conversation as opposed to know it alls who think our opinions matter more than others.

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Penguins Have a Chance, Pirates Hot Start, Steelers Draft, Bub Carrington Podcast 2024/04/05
Pirates Opening Day Roster, Covering March Madness, Guentzel Returns, Steelers News Dump Podcast 2024/03/27
Pitt Hoops, Steelers Make Big Moves, Guentzel is Gone, Pirates Spring Storylines Podcast 2024/03/15
Major Announcement, Pens West Woes, Diontae Johnson Trade, Pirates Spring Training Podcast 2024/03/05
Penguins Lose Rust, Pirates Spring Training Thoughts, Pitt's on the Bubble, Steelers Cuts Podcast 2024/02/28
Pirates Special: Pitchers & Catchers Report, Trade Rumors, Signings, Making Sense of this Mess Podcast 2024/02/16
Penguins Strong Night, Arthur Smith's Hiring, Signing Ryan Tannehill, Charlie Partridge Podcast 2024/02/08
Chapman to the Pirates, Penguins in Peril, 2024 Steelers QB, Blake Hinson vs. Duke Podcast 2024/01/24
Stranded Special: Steelers vs Bills Playoff Preview Podcast 2024/01/12
Steelers Playoff Path, PiratesFest Outrage, Penguins Fall to Caps Podcast 2024/01/05
Christmas Special: Pirates Signings, Pens Welcome Fleury, Steelers Turn to Rudolph Podcast 2023/12/22
Pirates Signing / New TV Home, Pens Win Two Straight, Pitt's New OC, Steelers Stink Podcast 2023/12/15
Steelers Rant, Is A Change Needed, Penguins Concerns Podcast 2023/12/06
Steelers New Offense, Penguins Road Struggles, Pirates Sign...Nobody Podcast 2023/12/01
Matt Canada Out, Pressure on Pickett, Pens - Rangers, Thanksgiving Sides Podcast 2023/11/23
Need More From Pickett, Browns, Pens Are Hot, College Hoops Podcast 2023/11/16
Steelers' Beat Titans, George Pickens, Pittsburgh College Hoops Podcast 2023/11/09
Steelers' Rough Week vs. Jags, Pitt's Ugly Loss to ND, Pens Woes Podcast 2023/11/02
Steelers Show Promise, Pitt takes on Notre Dame, Penguins Fall Flat Podcast 2023/10/26
Steelers vs. Rams, Fire Canada Mania, Pitt Stuns Louisville, Pens Hot Start Podcast 2023/10/18
Michael McKenry Interview (2023 Bucs, Offseason, 2024 Expectations) Podcast 2023/10/05
Stranded in Pittsburgh (9/27/23): Steelers show Promise, Week 4 vs. Houston, Pitt Keeps Struggling Podcast 2023/09/28
Steelers-Browns Thoughts, Week 3 vs. Las Vegas, Pitt Football Struggles Podcast 2023/09/22
Steelers Week 1 Reaction, Browns Week Preview, Backyard Brawl, Pirates Podcast 2023/09/15
Steelers-49ers Storylines, Predictions, Pitt-Cincy Preview Podcast 2023/09/08
Steelers Moves, Cutch Chases 300, Pitt Football, RMU Hockey (8/31/23) Podcast 2023/09/01
Aug. 2, 2023: Nick's Bachelor Party, Steelers Training Camp, Pirates Deadline Moves, Pens Deal Podcast 2023/08/03
Stranded in Pittsburgh (7/19/23): Guardians-Pirates Recap, Priester Debuts, Highsmith Signs Podcast 2023/07/20
Stranded in Pittsburgh (7/12/23): Paul Skenes, Pirates 2nd Half Expectations, Penguins Draft/Signings Podcast 2023/07/13
Stranded in Pittsburgh 6/14/23: Remembering Stan Savran, Pirates Pitching Woes, Steelers September Schedule Podcast 2023/06/15
Stranded In Pittsburgh 6/1/23: Dubas Has Arrived, Pirates Finish May Strong, Le'Veon Bell Podcast 2023/06/01
Stranded in Pittsburgh 5/25/23: Steelers Start OTAs, The Pirates Stink, Kyle Dubas to the Pens? Podcast 2023/05/25
Stranded Under 90: Ep. 1 - I Didn't Finish My First Round of the Year Podcast 2023/05/22
SSP (4/16/23): Celebrating Ron Hextall's Departure, We Were Wrong About the MLB Pitch Clock Podcast 2023/04/16
SSP (2/26/23): Tommy Fury Deserves a Humanitarian Award, Jack is Back, Penguins Talk, MLB Pitch Clock Mayhem Podcast 2023/02/26
SSP (2/15/23): Big Game Thoughts, JuJu Twitter War, What Do We Watch Now? Podcast 2023/02/15
SSP (2/8/23): LeBron Passes Kareem, Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl Logos Suck Podcast 2023/02/08
Stranded Sports Podcast (2/1/23): Brady Retires (Again), NFL Championship Weekend, the Pro Bowl is on Life Support Podcast 2023/02/01
Stranded Sports Podcast (1/25/23): Life Updates, Quick NFL Predictions, Power Slap is a Disaster Waiting to Happen Podcast 2023/01/25
Saturday Morning Chat (10/15/22): Dolphins Ping Pong Fiasco, QB Hits, Steelers-Bills, and More Podcast 2022/10/14
Saturday Morning Chat: Fan Gets Tackled, Le'Veon Bell Boxing, Games to Watch, Betting Podcast 2022/10/07
Stranded in the Paint (9/20/22): Emoni Bates, Coach K Staying Retired, Show Plans Podcast 2022/09/20
Stranded In The Paint (2/6/21): Week In Review, Landscape of the Season Podcast 2022/02/06
To The House: Divisional Round Recap, Looking Ahead, Ben Retires Podcast 2022/01/27
Stranded in the Paint (1/25): State of College Hoops, AP Top-25, Big Games Podcast 2022/01/24
To The House (NFL Show): Ben's Farewell, Washington's New Name, Antonio Brown Podcast 2022/01/04
Stranded In The Paint: The Return! (College Hoops Podcast) Podcast 2022/01/04
State of Stranded, Tiger Woods, MLB Lockout, Brian Kelly, NCAA Hoops Podcast 2021/12/01
Stranded At Second MLB Postseason Spectacular Podcast 2021/10/05
Discussions at the Dishwasher Ep 5: The Pittsburgh Steelers Podcast 2021/09/29
The Heckle Ep. 4: Targeting in College Football and NFL Week 1 Storylines Podcast 2021/09/10
Discussions at the Dishwasher Ep 4: Bishop Sycamore, Steelers and More! Podcast 2021/08/31
Discussions at the Dishwasher Ep 3: Polanco, Steelers, Tebow and More! Podcast 2021/08/23
The Heckle Ep. 3: Taunting in the NFL and How to Fix the MLB Podcast 2021/08/19
Discussions at the Dishwasher Ep 2: Pirates Moves, Olympics w/ A Special Guest, Twitter Beef! Podcast 2021/08/02
The Heckle Episode 2: Simone Biles & Mental Health, Fantasy Football Podcast 2021/07/29
The Heckle: Dabo Swinney and an Expanded 12-Team CFP, Cleveland Guardians Podcast 2021/07/26
Discussions at the Dishwasher Ep 1: Pirates, MLB Trade Deadline Podcast 2021/07/25
Pirates 2nd Round Draft Pick Anthony Solometo Interview, Ethan's "State of the Pirates" Podcast 2021/07/15
Marc Ornstein Interview (Freestyle Canoe Competitor) Podcast 2021/07/08
Stranded in the Paint (6/3/21): Coach K Retires, Duquesne's Interesting Hire, NC-Duke Rivalry Podcast 2021/06/03
Stranded at Second (6/3/21): Mike from Stark Raving Sports Interview Podcast 2021/06/03
Stranded at Second (5/20/21): Jolly Olive Interview, Tony La Russa, Albert Pujols, Injury Bug Podcast 2021/05/20
Stranded in the Paint (5/13/21): Efton Reid and Patrick Baldwin, Jr. Commitments, and more! Podcast 2021/05/13
Stranded in the Paint (4/2/21): Final Four Preview Podcast 2021/04/02
Stranded at Second MLB Show (4/1/21): Opening Day is Here! Podcast 2021/04/01
Stranded in the Paint (3/3): Vermont Forward Ryan Davis Interview, It is Finally March, Conference Tournaments Podcast 2021/03/03
SSP 2/16/21: Saint Francis MBB Coach Rob Krimmel Interview Podcast 2021/02/16
SSP 2/2/21: Former NHL Player Bobby Robins Interview, New NCAA Football Game, Super Bowl Predictions Podcast 2021/02/02
Penguins Beat Writer Mike DeFabo Gives an Overview of the Pens Season, new additions, and more! Podcast 2021/01/14
Machester Storm and former NHLer Jared Aullin Interview Podcast 2021/01/12
Stranded in the Paint 12/23: Keyontae Johnson, Kentucky Woes, Top Stories Podcast 2020/12/23
Joey Tetarenko Interview, Nick Rants About the Steelers Podcast 2020/12/15
Merrimack Men's Basketball Coach Joe Gallo Interview Podcast 2020/11/24
Steelers, Antonio Brown, Harbaugh, Franklin, NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys, NBA Draft, and more! Podcast 2020/11/17
Ethan Zuback of the LA Galaxy Interview, Steelers vs. Browns, NFL Talk, Doc Emrick Retirement, and more! Podcast 2020/10/21
S6 E4: Interviews with Ben Masella of the Florida Everblades and Noah Hiles of DK Pittsburgh Sports, Plus More! Podcast 2020/10/13
S6 E2: College Athletics During Covid, NFL Injuries, NHL Awards, Stamkos and the Stanley Cup Final, and more! Podcast 2020/09/23
S6 E1: Victor Rojas Interview, Sports Without Crowds, Tom Brady/NFL Talk, Stanley Cup Final Talk, Live Job Interview, and more! Podcast 2020/09/16
Marcus Ginyard Interview, Fantasy Football Talk Podcast 2020/08/06
Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Nubyjas Wilborn Interview and Author Logan Carney Podcast 2020/07/15
Jeff Pearlman Interview, UFC 251 Recap Podcast 2020/07/13
Ottawa Redblacks DB Sherrod Baltimore Interview Podcast 2020/06/23
AJ Achter Interview, NBA/NHL Return Thoughts, Is the MLB in Trouble? Podcast 2020/06/08
Former MLB Player Adam Rosales Interview Podcast 2020/05/13
Former San Diego Padre Josh Spence Interview Podcast 2020/05/07
Cam Landis Interview, XFL, NFL Draft Podcast 2020/04/15
Stranded Skype Special: Picking our Apocalypse Teams, Favorite Sports Movies, Special Guest, NFL Playoff Format and more! Podcast 2020/04/01
S5 E9: Update, NFL Moves, and more! Podcast 2020/03/18
S5 E8: The Coronavirus and the NBA Podcast 2020/03/11
S5 E5: Announcements, MLB Rule Changes, NHL Talk, College Basketball, NBA, and more! Podcast 2020/02/12
S5 E4: Mookie Betts Trade, Super Bowl Recap, Battle of Alberta, XFL, and more! Podcast 2020/02/05
S5 E2: MLB Hall of Fame Reactions, Kansas-Kansas State Brawl, Manning, Antonio Brown, Philadelphia, Murray Podcast 2020/01/22
Stranded Sports Podcast S5-E1: NFL Playoffs, Tom Brady, College Football, NHL Podcast 2020/01/16
Stranded Season 4 Finale: Stranded Awards! Podcast 2019/12/12
S4 E13: NFL Playoff Picture, XFL, NFL Head Coaches, NHL Podcast 2019/12/05
S4 E12: D.J. Fluck Interview, Steelers vs. Browns, Kaepernick, Babcock, and more! Podcast 2019/11/21
S4 E11: NFL Midseason Recap, NHL Talk, College Football Playoff, Big Announcement, and more! Podcast 2019/11/07
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E10: 2 Year Anniversary, NCAA, World Series, NFL, NBA Podcast 2019/10/31
Stranded S4 E9: NBA Season, Warriors, Lakers, NFL, Harbaugh, Ray and Gallo Podcast 2019/10/24
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E8: NFL Talk (Rams, Cowboys, Niners), MLB Playoffs, NHL, XFL Podcast 2019/10/17
Stranded S4 E7: NFL QB Grades, NHL, Playoff Baseball, Nick Calls Out Kyle Podcast 2019/10/10
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E6: Sam Anthony (MLB and NHL Network) MLB Talk and NHL Talk, NFL Podcast 2019/10/03
Stranded S4 E5: Baker Mayfield, Melvin Gordon, College Football, MLB, Trivia Podcast 2019/09/26
Stranded Sports S4 E4: NFL Week 2, QB Injuries, Fantasy Title or Super Bowl Podcast 2019/09/19
Stranded S4 E3: NFL Week 1 Recap, Antonio Brown, the Steelers, Trivia, Team USA Podcast 2019/09/12
Stranded S4 E2: NFL Week 1 Special Podcast 2019/09/05