Stranded Sports Podcast

We are some college kids that have always loved sports. They are a huge part of our lives, and we love sharing our passion with our fans. We have a laid back, but an informed style of show. We try to sound like you and your friends having a conversation as opposed to know it alls who think our opinions matter more than others.

Location: Pittsburgh


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Title Category Date
S5 E5: Announcements, MLB Rule Changes, NHL Talk, College Basketball, NBA, and more! Podcast 2020/02/12
S5 E4: Mookie Betts Trade, Super Bowl Recap, Battle of Alberta, XFL, and more! Podcast 2020/02/05
S5 E2: MLB Hall of Fame Reactions, Kansas-Kansas State Brawl, Manning, Antonio Brown, Philadelphia, Murray Podcast 2020/01/22
Stranded Sports Podcast S5-E1: NFL Playoffs, Tom Brady, College Football, NHL Podcast 2020/01/16
Stranded Season 4 Finale: Stranded Awards! Podcast 2019/12/12
S4 E13: NFL Playoff Picture, XFL, NFL Head Coaches, NHL Podcast 2019/12/05
S4 E12: D.J. Fluck Interview, Steelers vs. Browns, Kaepernick, Babcock, and more! Podcast 2019/11/21
S4 E11: NFL Midseason Recap, NHL Talk, College Football Playoff, Big Announcement, and more! Podcast 2019/11/07
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E10: 2 Year Anniversary, NCAA, World Series, NFL, NBA Podcast 2019/10/31
Stranded S4 E9: NBA Season, Warriors, Lakers, NFL, Harbaugh, Ray and Gallo Podcast 2019/10/24
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E8: NFL Talk (Rams, Cowboys, Niners), MLB Playoffs, NHL, XFL Podcast 2019/10/17
Stranded S4 E7: NFL QB Grades, NHL, Playoff Baseball, Nick Calls Out Kyle Podcast 2019/10/10
Stranded Sports Podcast S4 E6: Sam Anthony (MLB and NHL Network) MLB Talk and NHL Talk, NFL Podcast 2019/10/03
Stranded S4 E5: Baker Mayfield, Melvin Gordon, College Football, MLB, Trivia Podcast 2019/09/26
Stranded Sports S4 E4: NFL Week 2, QB Injuries, Fantasy Title or Super Bowl Podcast 2019/09/19
Stranded S4 E3: NFL Week 1 Recap, Antonio Brown, the Steelers, Trivia, Team USA Podcast 2019/09/12
Stranded S4 E2: NFL Week 1 Special Podcast 2019/09/05