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The FOARcast is the official podcast of FOAR - Fields of Anfield Road.  One of the world's largest independent Liverpool Football Club (LFC) fan sites.

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Brentford vs Liverpool – the start of a new Year! Soccer 2023/01/01
Liverpool vs Leicester – The last of 2022! Soccer 2022/12/29
Aston Villa vs Liverpool – A boxing day Special ! Soccer 2022/12/24
Man city vs Liverpool (EFL), PL Badgers, welcome back to normality and happy Solstice (almost spring) day!! Soccer 2022/12/21
Final badger face ! Not long no until our men in red return to us :) Soccer 2022/12/17
Then there were 4… Semi Finals! Soccer 2022/12/12
Quater Finals, Badger Sweepstake heating up, Liverpool playing on the horizon !!! Soccer 2022/12/07
Last round of 16, Club Friendlies and SWEEPSTAKE BADGER Soccer 2022/12/02
The Grey Area – A welcome break Soccer 2022/11/16
Liverpool vs Southampton – A small send off! Soccer 2022/11/11
Liverpool vs Derby – EEFLPFFLLEELLLFF CUP Soccer 2022/11/08
Spurs vs Liverpool – A Stage set for a Free Man :) Soccer 2022/11/03
Liverpool vs Napoli – A.nother chance to adapt! Soccer 2022/10/30
Liverpool vs Leeds – Oh bitch please ! Soccer 2022/10/28
Ajax vs Liverpool – Keep calm and CARRY ON! Soccer 2022/10/24
Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool Soccer 2022/10/21
Liverpool vs West Ham – Cntl A and Delete all that Spam !! Soccer 2022/10/17
Liverpool vs City – Full speed ahead ! Soccer 2022/10/13
Rangers vs Liverpool – Back on the CL Wagon ! Soccer 2022/10/10
Arsenal vs Liverpool – Get your litmus paper oouuueertt ! Soccer 2022/10/06
Liverpool vs Rangers – No time like the present ! Soccer 2022/10/04
Liverpool vs Brighton – Back on the Ol’ horse ready to gallop ! Soccer 2022/09/27
WAFER Nations League Break – BBlLRUyRGHH! Soccer 2022/09/19
Liverpool vs Ajax – In search of valuable points Soccer 2022/09/12
Liverpool vs Wolves – Need something here! Soccer 2022/09/08
Napoli vs Liverpool – A welcome break from the PL. Soccer 2022/09/05
Everton vs Liverpool – Derby Day ! Soccer 2022/09/02
Liverpool vs Newcastle – The difficult 2nd album Soccer 2022/08/29
Liverpool vs Bournemouth – FOotbalL Soccer 2022/08/24
United vs Liverpool – Enough is Enough , Grip it and Rip it ! Soccer 2022/08/18
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Back to Anfield ! Soccer 2022/08/10
Fulham vs Liverpool – 2022 / 2023 Season Kick off! Welcome back fellow FOARITES!!!! Soccer 2022/08/03
Liverpool vs City – Charity Shield time ! Soccer 2022/07/28
The long 2 week wait Post Soccer 2022/07/24
Pre Season tour – Bangkok style ???? Soccer 2022/07/10
Silly Season continues with a very Serious Addition ! Soccer 2022/06/15
Post season bluueergggh Soccer 2022/06/02
Liverpool vs Real Madrid – THE BIG ONE ! Soccer 2022/05/25
Liverpool vs Aston Villa – A magnificent celebration ! Soccer 2022/05/19
Southampton vs Liverpool – 100% focused Soccer 2022/05/16
Liverpool vs Chelsea – THE 150th FA CUP FINAL! Soccer 2022/05/12
Aston Villa vs Liverpool – Keep the drive up lads Soccer 2022/05/09
Liverpool vs Spurs – Grip it and rip it ! Soccer 2022/05/06
Villarreal vs Liverpool – One Step away from Pari! Soccer 2022/05/02
Newcastle vs Liverpool – WE GO AGAIN ! Soccer 2022/04/28
Liverpool vs Villarreal – An Anfield Champions League Special Soccer 2022/04/26
Liverpool vs Everton – Keep on rolling boys , big 6 to go ! Soccer 2022/04/21
Liverpool vs United – Another Cup Final Soccer 2022/04/17
Liverpool vs Man City – A Blockbuster at Wembley Soccer 2022/04/14
Liverpool vs Benfica – An important job to do. Soccer 2022/04/12
Man City vs Liverpool – The Big One Soccer 2022/04/07
Benfica vs Liverpool Soccer 2022/04/04
Liverpool vs Watford Soccer 2022/04/01
The Intertwatable break – Time to reset and focus! Soccer 2022/03/23
Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool – Quarter Final time in the FA Cup! Soccer 2022/03/17
Arsenal vs Liverpool Soccer 2022/03/14
Brighton vs Liverpool – A south coast battle Soccer 2022/03/10
Liverpool vs Inter Milan – Finishing the job Soccer 2022/03/07
Liverpool vs West Ham – Nothing but Net ! Soccer 2022/03/04
Liverpool vs Norwich – more Cup action ! Soccer 2022/02/28
Liverpool vs Chelsea – a Wembley special ! Soccer 2022/02/24
Liverpool vs Leeds – Boxing day special ! Soccer 2022/02/21
Liverpool vs Norwich – An Inbetweener ! Soccer 2022/02/18
Internazionale vs Liverpool – Champions League time ! Soccer 2022/02/14
Burnley vs Liverpool – LETS HAVE IT !!! Soccer 2022/02/11
Liverpool vs Leicester – We go again ! Soccer 2022/02/08
Liverpool vs Cardiff City – Celebrating 150th year of the FA CUP Soccer 2022/02/03
International break time stuff ! Soccer 2022/01/25
Palace vs Liverpool – back to the PL! Soccer 2022/01/22
Arsenal vs Liverpool – All out ! Soccer 2022/01/18
Liverpool vs Brentford Soccer 2022/01/14
Liverpool vs Arsenal – EFL Cup time again ! Soccer 2022/01/10
Liverpool – Shrewsbury ? Soccer 2022/01/06
Silly Season and BOLLOCKS in reality !! Soccer 2022/01/02
Chelsea vs Liverpool – Another 6 pointer ! Soccer 2021/12/30
Leicester vs Liverpool – Finishing 2021 with a crash, bang, wallop ! Soccer 2021/12/27
The one with no game on Boxing day Soccer 2021/12/23
Liverpool vs Leicester – Some Carabao fun ! Soccer 2021/12/21
Spurs vs Liverpool – Everything on the line Soccer 2021/12/18
Liverpool vs Newcastle Soccer 2021/12/14
Champions league Re-Draw – hmmm Soccer 2021/12/13
Liverpool vs Aston Villa – an Historic day Soccer 2021/12/09
AC Milan vs Liverpool – let’s win ! Soccer 2021/12/07
Wolves vs Liverpool – 19 in a row ? Soccer 2021/12/02
Everton vs Liverpool – A midweek special Soccer 2021/11/30
Liverpool vs Southampton – Pedal to the Metal ! Soccer 2021/11/26
Liverpool vs Porto – Playing for pride and money Soccer 2021/11/22
Liverpool vs Arsenal – Welcome back! Soccer 2021/11/18
The last 5 years, completing the next cycle and how to pay for it. Soccer 2021/11/13
International break brea bre br b bo bor bore bored Soccer 2021/11/10
West ham vs Liverpool – A point to prove Soccer 2021/11/05
Liverpool vs Atletico Soccer 2021/11/01
Liverpool vs Brighton – A tester Soccer 2021/10/29
Preston vs Liverpool – Keep the focus Soccer 2021/10/25
Man United vs Liverpool – Make it Count Soccer 2021/10/22
Athletico vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/10/18
Watford vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/10/12
Didn’t we just have a f**ing International break !? Soccer 2021/10/06
Liverpool vs City – A Big One Soccer 2021/09/30
Porto vs Liverpool – Another Champions League fight ! Soccer 2021/09/27
Brentford vs Liverpool – Fresh Meat Soccer 2021/09/22
Norwich vs Liverpool – a 9 year drought !! Soccer 2021/09/20
Liverpool vs Crystal Palace – Back to business Soccer 2021/09/17
Liverpool vs Ac Milan – This one’s for Ali Soccer 2021/09/13
Leeds vs Liverpool – A battle Soccer 2021/09/08
International TWATTING break – A chance to reflect… Soccer 2021/09/01
Liverpool vs Chelsea – Our first proper test Soccer 2021/08/25
Liverpool vs Burnley – Anfield to Roar once more Soccer 2021/08/16
Norwich vs Liverpool – Let’s be avin you ! Soccer 2021/08/09
Last of the Pre-Seasons – Cuffs off Boots on. Soccer 2021/08/02
Hertha BSC vs Liverpool – VVD in Contention Soccer 2021/07/27
LFC vs FSV Mainz 05 , a trip down memory lane for the Norbert one. Soccer 2021/07/21
PRE SEASON FRIENDLY STUFF!! 2 games today 30 mins each How WACKY is THAT! Soccer 2021/07/20
Pre Season – TIME TO GET AFTER IT Soccer 2021/07/12
IIEeENNNGGGuURRrRLlLAANND!!! vs Italy Soccer 2021/07/09
EENGGERLLANNNDD vs Denmark Soccer 2021/07/06
IINNGEEEERRLLLUUNNDD vs Ukraine Soccer 2021/07/02
EURO 2020 – Knockout Time ! Soccer 2021/06/24
Klopp’s birthday celebration and appreciation post thing !!! Soccer 2021/06/16
HENDO. Born to be a leader. “EP 1- The early years” Soccer 2021/06/09
LFC 130th year. STRONGER THAN EVER. Soccer 2021/06/03
Season 20/21 Soccer 2021/05/24
Liverpool vs Palace Soccer 2021/05/21
Burnley vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/05/18
West Brom vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/05/15
United vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/05/11
Liverpool vs Southampton Soccer 2021/05/05
United vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/04/26
Liverpool vs Newcastle Soccer 2021/04/22
Super League Debate Page Soccer 2021/04/20
Leeds vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/04/16
Liverpool vs Madrid Soccer 2021/04/12
Liverpool vs Villa Soccer 2021/04/07
Madrid vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/04/05
Arsenal vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/03/31
Memory Lane EP #2 Soccer 2021/03/19
Memory Lane EP #1 Soccer 2021/03/18
Wolves vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/03/13
Liverpool vs Leipzig Soccer 2021/03/08
Liverpool vs Fulham Soccer 2021/03/05
Liverpool vs Chelsea Soccer 2021/03/02
Sheffield United vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/02/22
Liverpool vs Everton Soccer 2021/02/17
RB Leipzig vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/02/13
Leicester vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/02/09
Liverpool vs City Soccer 2021/02/04
Liverpool vs Brighton Soccer 2021/02/01
West Ham vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/01/29
Spurs vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/01/25
United vs Liverpool – FA CUP Soccer 2021/01/22
Liverpool vs Burnley Soccer 2021/01/18
Liverpool vs United Soccer 2021/01/10
Klopp’s Era – Best bits Soccer 2021/01/06
Villa vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/01/05
Southampton vs Liverpool Soccer 2021/01/02
Newcastle vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/12/29
Liverpool vs West Brom Soccer 2020/12/23
Palace vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/12/17
Liverpool vs Spurs Soccer 2020/12/14
Fulham vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/12/10
Midtjylland vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/12/07
Liverpool vs Wolves Soccer 2020/12/03
Liverpool vs Ajax Soccer 2020/11/30
Brighton vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/11/26
Liverpool vs Atalanta Soccer 2020/11/24
Liverpool vs Leicester Soccer 2020/11/18
International Break :( Soccer 2020/11/09
Man City vs LFC Soccer 2020/11/06
Atalanta Vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/11/02
LFC vs West Ham Soccer 2020/10/29
LFC vs FC Midtjylland Soccer 2020/10/26
LFC vs Sheffield United Soccer 2020/10/22
Midweek Axing Soccer 2020/10/19
Announcement Soccer 2020/10/17
#EVELIV Soccer 2020/10/17
#AVLLIV Soccer 2020/10/04
#LIVARS Soccer 2020/09/28
Take nota of Jota Soccer 2020/09/21
I Am Thiago Soccer 2020/09/18
Mo Love Soccer 2020/09/13
Gini vs Thiago Saga Soccer 2020/09/03
Finishing a Brew Soccer 2020/08/26
Champions Pose Soccer 2020/08/17
Tsimichanga Tsimichurri Tsimikas Soccer 2020/08/10
Champion on a Yacht Soccer 2020/08/04
Champion on holiday Soccer 2020/07/27
Campeones! Soccer 2020/07/22
Back On Our Perch Soccer 2020/07/20
#ARSLIV Soccer 2020/07/14
#LIVBUR Soccer 2020/07/11
#BHALIV Soccer 2020/07/08
#LIVAVL Soccer 2020/07/03
Guard of Honour Soccer 2020/07/02
WE ARE CHAMPIONS! Soccer 2020/06/25
EVELIV Soccer 2020/06/21
Happy Birthday Dad! Soccer 2020/06/16
It’s Always Six! Soccer 2020/06/11
#ICantBreathe Soccer 2020/06/01
Mask of Shanks Soccer 2020/03/31
My My My Corona Soccer 2020/03/16
Official: Premier League suspended Soccer 2020/03/13
Dogs of War Soccer 2020/03/10
Arresting the Slide Soccer 2020/03/05
The Rebound Effect Soccer 2020/03/03
Live Game Cafe – Wasp Extermination Soccer 2020/02/29
Live Game Cafe – The Mane Men Soccer 2020/02/25
Live Game Cafe – Hammering Home Soccer 2020/02/24
Werner, Cantwell, Lallana – Weekly rumour roundup Soccer 2020/02/23
Preview: Liverpool vs West Ham Soccer 2020/02/21
Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool: It was always going to be difficult Soccer 2020/02/19
Preview: Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/02/17
Preview: Norwich vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/02/14
This Liverpool team is fantastic – but what next? Soccer 2020/02/09
Debating Klopp’s FA Cup Controversy Soccer 2020/02/02
Preview: Liverpool vs Southampton Soccer 2020/01/31
Ticketing Déjà vu Soccer 2020/01/29
Preview: West Ham vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/01/28
Favorite Moments as a Soccer Fan Soccer 2020/01/24
Preview: Wolves vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/01/22
Preview: Liverpool vs Manchester United Soccer 2020/01/16
Liverpool refuse to loan Shaqiri to Roma Soccer 2020/01/14
Three Players Liverpool Are Being Linked With Signing Soccer 2020/01/09
Preview: Tottenham vs Liverpool Soccer 2020/01/09
Brewster joins Swansea on loan for the rest of the season Soccer 2020/01/07
Latest transfer news and rumours Soccer 2020/01/06
FA Cup Preview: Liverpool vs Everton Soccer 2020/01/03
Preview: Liverpool vs Sheffield United Soccer 2020/01/01
Preview: Liverpool vs Wolves Soccer 2019/12/28
Liverpool allowed to wear Club World Cup badge in the Premier League – for one game Soccer 2019/12/25
Klopp confirms Oxlade-Chamberlain ligament damage Soccer 2019/12/24
Preview: Leicester vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/12/24
Club World Cup Final Preview: Liverpool vs Flamengo Soccer 2019/12/20
CONFIRMED: Liverpool sign Takumi Minamino Soccer 2019/12/19
Minamino to have Liverpool medical Soccer 2019/12/18
FIFA Club World Cup Preview: Liverpool vs Monterrey Soccer 2019/12/17
League Cup Preview: Aston Villa vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/12/16
Milner signs new Liverpool contract Soccer 2019/12/14
CONFIRMED: Jurgen Klopp signs new Liverpool contract Soccer 2019/12/13
Preview: Liverpool vs Watford Soccer 2019/12/13
Liverpool going in for Minamino Soccer 2019/12/12
Preview: Bournemouth vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/12/06
Klopp makes interesting Sancho remarks Soccer 2019/12/04
Preview: Liverpool vs Everton Soccer 2019/12/03
Fabinho ruled out until New Year Soccer 2019/11/29
Preview: Liverpool vs Brighton Soccer 2019/11/29
Brewster and Kelleher set to leave on loan Soccer 2019/11/26
Preview: Liverpool vs Napoli Soccer 2019/11/25
Preview: Crystal Palace vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/11/22
Genk official on Liverpool interest in Sander Berge Soccer 2019/11/14
Klopp dismisses Mbappe talk Soccer 2019/11/09
Preview: Liverpool vs Manchester City Soccer 2019/11/07
Preview: Liverpool vs Genk Soccer 2019/11/04
Lallana wanted in China and MLS Soccer 2019/11/04
Preview: Aston Villa vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/11/01
The Best Ways to Connect with Liverpool Outside of Anfield Soccer 2019/10/30
Liverpool “unsure” on Matip absence Soccer 2019/10/29
Fab Night at Anfield (Again) Soccer 2019/10/28
Preview: Liverpool vs Tottenham Soccer 2019/10/25
Preview: Genk vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/10/22
Matip signs new Liverpool contract Soccer 2019/10/18
Preview: Manchester United vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/10/18
Preview: Liverpool vs Leicester City Soccer 2019/10/04
Is the Napoli loss a blessing in disguise? Soccer 2019/10/04
Preview: Liverpool vs RB Salzburg Soccer 2019/09/30
Liverpool facing expulsion from Carabao Cup Soccer 2019/09/28
Preview: Sheffield United vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/09/27
Preview: MK Dons vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/09/24
Jurgen Klopp wins FIFA Men’s Coach of the Year, Alisson the best goalkeeper Soccer 2019/09/24
Preview: Chelsea vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/09/20
Liverpool 3:1 Newcastle – Bobby’s Happy Feet Soccer 2019/09/16
Liverpool would have gone for Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly had they failed to sign Van Dijk Soccer 2019/09/16
Preview: Napoli vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/09/16
Preview: Liverpool vs Newcastle Soccer 2019/09/13
Paul Glatzel signs new Liverpool contract Soccer 2019/09/11
Young Players at Liverpool – Different Fates Soccer 2019/09/03
Bobby Duncan on verge of Fiorentina move Soccer 2019/09/02
Preview: Burnley vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/08/30
Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal : Virgil at 100% Soccer 2019/08/28
Opposition Closeup – Arsenal, Lineups and the Gooners to Watch! Soccer 2019/08/24
Preview: Liverpool vs Arsenal Soccer 2019/08/23
Ox signs new Liverpool deal Soccer 2019/08/22
Southampton 1-2 Liverpool : Sadio Stuns Saints Soccer 2019/08/20
Opposition Closeup – Southampton, Tactics, and Hasenhüttl Soccer 2019/08/17
Liverpool end Lovren talks with Roma Soccer 2019/08/16
Preview: Southampton vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/08/16
Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea (5-4): Mane’s Turkish Delight Soccer 2019/08/16
Lovren left out of the squad for the UEFA Super Cup Soccer 2019/08/13
UEFA Super Cup Preview: Liverpool vs Chelsea Soccer 2019/08/13
Liverpool 4-1 Norwich: Bobby Dazzler Soccer 2019/08/10
Alisson out for several weeks, Lonergan may get a contract offer Soccer 2019/08/10
Opposition Closeup: Tactics, Daniel Farke, and Players to Watch Soccer 2019/08/08
Preview: Liverpool vs Norwich Soccer 2019/08/07
CONFIRMED: Liverpool sign Adrian Soccer 2019/08/05
Mignolet Departs For Club Brugge Soccer 2019/08/05
Liverpool to sign Adrian as Mignolet replacement Soccer 2019/08/05
Community Shield Closeup: Pre-Season Glance, Tactics, and the Players to Watch Soccer 2019/08/03
Community Shield Preview: Manchester City vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/08/02
Bradford City 1-3 Liverpool – Stephen Darby Baby Soccer 2019/07/16
What’s Next For Harry Wilson? Soccer 2019/07/15
Should Liverpool Keep Chasing Chiesa? Soccer 2019/07/14
Liverpool confident of Origi signing a new deal Soccer 2019/07/10
The Battle of the Three-Name Full-Backs Soccer 2019/07/05
How to get Liverpool Tickets – Season 2019/20 – A handy guide Soccer 2019/07/05
Liverpool Not Looking to Sell Lovren Soccer 2019/07/04
Injured Keita Leaves AFCON and Returns to Liverpool Soccer 2019/07/01
Rafa Camacho joins Sporting Lisbon Soccer 2019/06/28
Confirmed: Liverpool sign Sepp van den Berg Soccer 2019/06/27
Liverpool to sign 17-year-old defender Sepp van den Berg Soccer 2019/06/25
Liverpool Won’t Sell Origi Soccer 2019/06/19
Liverpool’s All-Time XI to Have Played Fewer than 100 Games for the Club Soccer 2019/06/18
Ojo Joins Rangers on Loan Soccer 2019/06/18
Is it finally now or never? Liverpool’s Premier League 2019-2020 Fixture List Soccer 2019/06/13
Transfer Special: Land of the Rising Son Soccer 2019/06/10
Liverpool not in for Pepe Soccer 2019/06/10
Why Klopp is the most important figure to arrive at Liverpool since Sir Kenny Soccer 2019/06/09
Lallana Adamant About Liverpool Stay Soccer 2019/06/06
Pre-Season Plans Announced Soccer 2019/06/05
Liverpool Confirm Departures of Sturridge and Moreno Soccer 2019/06/05
Champions of Europe: Ali’s Sixth Sense Soccer 2019/06/04
From 7 at Chester to 6 in Madrid – A 2018-19 Season Review Soccer 2019/06/04
A Dynasty Under Klopp Soccer 2019/06/03
Liverpool vs Tottenham: 5 Talking Points As The Reds Lift Their 6th European Cup Soccer 2019/06/02
Why Divock Origi Deserves a New Contract Soccer 2019/05/31
Jordan Henderson’s particular final in Madrid Soccer 2019/05/31
Mane Plays Down Real Madrid Links Soccer 2019/05/29
Polish Reds Seek Power of the Club Anthem Soccer 2019/05/28
Champions League Final Preview: Liverpool vs Tottenham Soccer 2019/05/28
Champions League Final Presser – Klopp, Matip, Wijaldum Soccer 2019/05/28
Napoli Contact Liverpool Over Clyne Soccer 2019/05/26
Dream Chaser Soccer 2019/05/25
Champions League Ticket Ban Warning Masking a Common Problem Soccer 2019/05/23
Three Players Klopp May Look To Sign This Summer Soccer 2019/05/21
UEFA Champions League Magazine Soccer 2019/05/21
Liverpool Won’t Sign De Ligt Soccer 2019/05/20
The big Harry Wilson conundrum: Should Liverpool sell high? Soccer 2019/05/16
That night in Anfield Soccer 2019/05/12
The Immovable Liverpool! Soccer 2019/05/12
Liverpool vs. Barcelona MOTM review: Another Fab Night at Anfield Soccer 2019/05/10
Preview: Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Soccer 2019/05/09
That Anfield European Night – View from the Kop – Barcelona (H) Soccer 2019/05/09
Last 5 – Premier League Final Day Matches Soccer 2019/05/08
Liverpool vs. Barcelona: A Special Night for a Special Club Soccer 2019/05/08
The Real Heroes Soccer 2019/05/08
Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona: Simply Glorious! Soccer 2019/05/07
Robbo Ravages Resilient Rafa Soccer 2019/05/06
Preview: Liverpool vs Barcelona Soccer 2019/05/05
Newcastle 2-3 Liverpool: Down to the Wire Soccer 2019/05/04
Preview: Newcastle vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/05/03
Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool : I’m a Joel Man Soccer 2019/05/03
Klopp and Liverpool Seek the Power of Anfield Soccer 2019/05/02
Keita Out for the Season Soccer 2019/05/02
FOAR Endgame Soccer 2019/04/30
Liverpool 5-0 Huddersfield – The Sign of the Times Soccer 2019/04/29
Preview: Barcelona vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/04/27
Liverpool 5-0 Huddersfield: Player Ratings Soccer 2019/04/27
Preview: Huddersfield vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/04/24
Liverpool vs. Barcelona : Klopp’s Army vs. The Catalan Giants Soccer 2019/04/23
Wij So Serious? – Cardiff vs. Liverpool Man of the Match Review Soccer 2019/04/22
Cardiff 0-2 Liverpool: Player Ratings Soccer 2019/04/22
Cardiff City 0-2 Liverpool: The Race Goes On Soccer 2019/04/21
Liverpool’s Title Odds Tighten Sharply After Chelsea Win Soccer 2019/04/19
Preview: Cardiff City vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/04/19
Porto 1-4 Liverpool: Player Ratings Soccer 2019/04/18
Porto 1-4 Liverpool: Getting the Job Done Soccer 2019/04/17
Glorious Momentum Soccer 2019/04/17
5 Days Left to Vote for FOAR at the FBAs! Soccer 2019/04/17
Jose Enrique Given Cancer All-Clear After Brain Tumour Surgery Soccer 2019/04/16
Preview: Porto vs Liverpool Soccer 2019/04/15
Liverpool on Alert as Werner Refuses Leipzig Contract Extension Soccer 2019/04/15
Klopp Speaks of His ‘Pride’ in Liverpool’s Performance After Crucial Chelsea Win Soccer 2019/04/15
James Milner Admits Winning Premier League Is ‘Damn Hard’ & Expects Further Twists in Title Race Soccer 2019/04/15
Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea: No Costly Slips This Time Soccer 2019/04/14
Sadio Mane: Man on Form Soccer 2019/04/13
Preview: Liverpool vs Chelsea Soccer 2019/04/12
Fans Who Sang Racist Mo Salah Song Turned Away From Game as Chelsea & Liverpool Release Statements Soccer 2019/04/12
Liverpool 2-0 Porto – Hendo Slays Dragões Soccer 2019/04/11
Jordan Henderson Reveals Conversation With Jurgen Klopp That Led to Position Change Against Porto Soccer 2019/04/11
Liverpool Tracking Ajax Star David Neres But Face Competition for Signature From European Duo Soccer 2019/04/11
Iker Casillas Criticises Refereeing Decisions After Mohamed Salah Escapes Red Card in Liverpool Win Soccer 2019/04/11
Emre Can Claims Training at Juventus Is Harder Than Under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool Soccer 2019/04/11
Why Liverpool Are Right to Be Considering a Contract Extension for Former Outcast Divock Origi Soccer 2019/04/11
Pep Lijnders Reveals How the Reds’ Conservative Style of Play Has Led to Title Push Soccer 2019/04/11
Can Liverpool Conquer all of Europe? Soccer 2019/04/10
Liverpool 2-0 Porto: Player Ratings Soccer 2019/04/10
Liverpool 2-0 Porto: Advantage Reds Soccer 2019/04/09
Preview: Liverpool vs Porto Soccer 2019/04/08
Inject That Result into My Veins, I Bleed Liverpool Red Soccer 2019/04/07
Southampton 1-3 Liverpool – Captain Becomes a Saint Soccer 2019/04/07
FOARclosure? Soccer 2019/04/06
New LGC Soccer 2019/04/05 Mk3 Soccer 2019/04/05
Hello world! Soccer 2019/04/04
Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Another Scare Survived Soccer 2019/03/31
Mohamed Salah – What can we make of his goal drought? Soccer 2019/03/30
Rhian Brewster Returns to LFC Action Soccer 2019/03/29
Preview: Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Soccer 2019/03/29
Making investment banking and this resources to use Soccer 2019/03/29
Former Liverpool Youngster Reveals Hilarious Roy Hodgson Transfer Mix-Up Which Saw Him Join Fulham Soccer 2019/03/29
Imminent Return of the Fallen Soccer 2019/03/28
Simon Mignolet: “I don’t know if an exit is possible this summer” Soccer 2019/03/28
Rested and ready to get back to it… Soccer 2019/03/28
Alisson Reveals the Hardest Thing About Liverpool Move as He Admits Merseyside ‘Feels Like Home’ Soccer 2019/03/28
A Preview of the Porto Series Soccer 2019/03/27
Steven Gerrard – ‘Legend’ is an understatement Soccer 2019/03/26
Liverpool Star Virgil van Dijk Opens Up on His Battle With Life-Threatening Illness 10 Years Ago Soccer 2019/03/26
Virgil van Dijk: Why Liverpool Star Deserves PFA Player of the Year Ahead of Man City’s Best Soccer 2019/03/26
FOAR partners with Kopcon! Soccer 2019/03/25
Summer’s Revolving Door Soccer 2019/03/24
Trent Alexander-Arnold Eager to ‘Soak Up’ Title Race After Liverpool Edge Ahead of Man City Soccer 2019/03/22
Fabinho: The Wise and Battling Red We’ve Needed for So Long Soccer 2019/03/21
Moreno Close to Lazio Move Soccer 2019/03/20
An Ode to Klopp Soccer 2019/03/19
The Ful Force of Sadio Mane Soccer 2019/03/19
adidas to Pay Women’s World Cup Winners Same Bonuses as Male Competitors Soccer 2019/03/18
Twitter Reacts to Chaotic Day of Premier League Football as Magpies Strike Back and Spurs Go Spurs Soccer 2019/03/18
Cardiff 2-0 West Ham | Bluebirds Claim Stunning Win Over Irons | FanVoice Soccer 2019/03/18
Arsenal Twitter Account Goes to Town on Man Utd After Comfortable Sunday Afternoon Win Soccer 2019/03/18
Andy Robertson Jokes That He Is Not Speaking to Sadio Mane After Incident in Liverpool Win Soccer 2019/03/18
Twitter Reacts as Real Madrid Re-Appoint Zinedine Zidane to Replace Santiago Solari Soccer 2019/03/18
James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Horrific Fake Version of LA Galaxy Statue Soccer 2019/03/18
Video: Schalke Fans Take Over Manchester Ahead of Champions League 2nd Leg Soccer 2019/03/18
Troy Deeney Reveals How an Insult From His Uncle Influenced Him to Lose a Stone in Weight Soccer 2019/03/18
FIFA Officially Confirm Plans for 48-Team Tournament at 2022 World Cup Soccer 2019/03/18
FIFA Officially Confirm Plans for 48-Team Tournament at 2022 World Cup Soccer 2019/03/18
U.S. Soccer Federation ‘Surprised’ By Women’s National Team Lawsuit Over Gender Discrimination Soccer 2019/03/18
James Ward-Prowse Set to Earn Late England Call-Up After Injury to Liverpool Star Soccer 2019/03/18
Peter Beardsley Speaks on Racism & Bullying Allegations After Leaving Position at Newcastle Soccer 2019/03/18
Bayern Munich Chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Backs Shake-Up of ‘Nonsense’ Club World Cup Soccer 2019/03/18
Pep Guardiola Apologises to Swansea for Offside Goal & Admits Worry Over Latest Pitch Invasion Soccer 2019/03/18
Wojciech Szczesny Outlines Why He Believes Thierry Henry Is the Best Premier League Player Ever Soccer 2019/03/18
FA Cup Semi-Final Draw: Man City Meet Brighton & Watford Face Wolves at Wembley Soccer 2019/03/18
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