“What Are We Doing?” A Story.


Story Time!

We have been releasing content and diligently on Stadium Scene but recently realized that we never shared our story.

One day late in 2014, Kate and D.J. took a break from their day jobs to grab lunch. While enjoying some fast food, the topic of programming came up. Kate was programming in her free time and D.J. was looking for someone to help him with his concept. He wanted to make a website that would allow people to plan their trip to the game. From there, they went back to their day jobs and counted down the minutes until it was time to go home and start their plan to take over the world, of at least start their website.

After countless hours of programming classes, purchasing several reference books, and numerous cases of beer, they were proud to release in early 2017. From there they went on to promote their creation on social media (insert handles here) and create content for their media site If you are reading this, then you have found that part of our empire.

Now we create content, record podcasts and keep researching so you have the best information available.

Jillian Joins The Team

Speaking of Podcasts, in 2017, Jillian Fisher joined the team.  Kate and D.J. were looking for a third partner, one who has a great camera/broadcasting presence and could be the face of the platform.  Somehow, D.J. ran across @fisherjillian on Instagram one day and realized this is the person we need, but we weren’t sure how to approach her or when.

Fate must have decided that for us because Jillian announced that she was headed to Phoenix for Spring Training and to see a Coyotes game at Gila River Arena.  Kate and D.J. decided that this was the time to move and reached out to Jillian on social media to pitch the idea.

D.J. made the short drive over to Diablo Stadium in Tempe and went to a Spring Training game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Colorado Rockies to meet with Jillian and talk about the project standing under the tree in the outfield lawn seats on that 90 degree Phoenix March day.

The partnership tree.

The tree where the partnership with Jillian began.

That conversation ended up lasting about an hour and consisted of talking about our plan and vision for the site and also share travel stories to various sporting events.

In that time, we’ve recorded five podcasts as the team of three and have plans for many more.

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