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Kate and D.J. are recording an episode late on a Saturday night because our guest and new partner come to us from Tasmania, Australia!  Nic Zammit and Row Hancock are two of the three hosts of "The Daily Dribble".  
We talk to them about how they met and why they started a podcast together.  The bigger question, how did three guys from Australia become fans of the NBA?  How do they watch games in Australia?  What time do the games air in Australia?  
We also talk Australian Football (aka "footy") and how it's started to take on a cult following in the United States and D.J. shares the story about how he solicited clubs on Twitter for his fandom and what club ultimately was the first to respond.  They talk about Kobe, Lebron, the legacy of Michael Jordan and more!  
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As usual, the video for this episode was released on YouTube, so go check that out!