Stadium Scene Network

Creating video, podcasting, and blogging is hard. Creating content, building a website, and getting people to view your content is a lot to accomplish on limited to no budget. Once you build it, how will you make any money on it?

These are all important factors to take into consideration, but we at Stadium feel that we can help everyone out. Thanks to the rapidly growing Stadium Scene TV platform, we’re looking to help.

Today we’re happy to announce the creation of the Stadium Scene Network.

What is the Stadium Scene  Network?

The Stadium Scene Network is a collection of blogs, podcasts, and video creators that we feature on Stadium Not all will be accepted. We are looking for the best up and coming content creators to grow with us.

What kind of content are you looking for?

Great question! We’re looking for blogs, video channels, and podcasts that enhance the content of Stadium Maybe you’re a regional food blogger targeting a specific city, or maybe you’d rather write about a particular professional sport? If your content enhances Stadium, we’re interested!

How does it work?


We can automatically pull your new posts and share them on Stadium We only pull a select piece of the blog post, so we help direct traffic back to your blog so you can take advantage of growing your own audience and monetize your blog.


As you release your podcast, we’ll post here and also on our social media to let everyone know to go to iTunes, Google Play Music Store, Stitcher, etc to go subscribe and download the new episode.

Video Content

YouTube makes it very easy to embed your content into a blog post.  We’ll embed and create a template to help link people back to your channel to subscribe.

What perks do I get?

Well, not only will you help drive traffic back to your personal blog, your YouTube channel, or your podcast, but we’ll put together tips for writing better posts, how to make money on your blog, how to improve the quality of your podcast or video broadcast, and how to grow your audience and a social media presence.

If you need an improved link to your page we can provide you with a subdomain on Stadium

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! We just ask you fill out the application here.

Who are some of your partners?

Check out this list of our partners!

Sounds too good to be true… What do I have to do for you?

All we ask is that you place an image on your blog sidebar saying you are part of the Stadium Scene Network, play a little clip at the end of your video, or our “Part of the Stadium Scene Network” clip at the very end of your podcast.

Not only will we help you grow your audience, but your native audience will find more great content from us and our other partners!

What are you waiting for? Apply today!