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Episode 72 - "Spurs in the 6" - Toronto Raptors Talk

Originally Posted At: South of the 6ix

By: Adam Corsair

Updated: Aug 08, 2018

South of the 6ix

Episode 72 - "Spurs in the 6" - Toronto Raptors Talk

South of the 6ix

Release Date: Aug 08, 2018

Toronto Raptors Talk With the dust finally settled regarding the biggest trade in Raptors' history, it's important to view it with an open mind. More specifically, it's vital to gain a better understanding of who the Raptors have on their team in Kawhi Leonard, and what he brings to the table both on and off the court. In order to do so, it's best to discuss the matter with those that are die-hard Spurs fans and have experienced him on the team on almost a daily basis... and we've done just that. Joining host Adam Corsair is a very special guest - Gareth Gibbins of Spurs in the 6\. Like Adam, Gareth follows his favorite team from a completely different territory with pride and honor, as he's been a die-hard Spurs fan since the era of David Robinson. They unpack the Kawhi/DeMar trade in a different light, as Gareth lays out what Raptors fans have in store with Kawhi on the team, what Danny Green offers, and how the Spurs/Kawhi relationship fell apart. It's a Raptors episode that you will NOT want to miss! Follow Gareth on Twitter: @SpursInThe6  Visit Gareth's work: https://spursinthe6.com Follow host Adam Corsair on Twitter: @ACorsair21 Follow South of the 6ix on Twitter & InstaGram: @SouthOfThe6ix Visit the Website: http://www.southofthe6ix.com Visit our Patreon Page: http://www.patreon.com/southofthe6ix Visit our Affiliates - Stadium Scene: http://www.stadiumscene.tv Music: Drake Stafford - "Casets" Auxl Studio - "Blue Bloods" Looking for tickets for an upcoming sports game, theatre event, or concert? Tired of paying in USD yet you live in Canada? Don't worry - we got you covered. Head on over to http://www.SeatGiant.ca! All tickets listed are in CANADIAN DOLLARS! You no longer need a currency calculator to figure out how much you need to pay and convert USD into CAD. Just head on over to SeatGiant.ca! To top it off, use Promo Code SOUTH to get an extra discount on your purchase! You'll be saving money AND you'll be helping out the podcast. Live in the United States but still want the best prices on tickets in USD? I got'chu, fam. Head on over to http://www.SeatGiant.com for ALL of your ticket needs! The Promo Code SOUTH will still apply there, so you can still save extra money AND help out the podcast at the same time! It's a win-win! So head on over to http://www.SeatGiant.ca or http://www.SeatGiant.com for all over your ticket needs!

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Adam Corsair covers the Jays and Raptors from the perspective of someone that lives south of the Canadian border. That's right, a person from the States is a die-hard fan of Canada's only professional baseball and basketball teams.

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