Game Day Tourist Podcast

Release Date: 07-15-2020 05:10

It may not be the flashiest, furthest reaching or highest profile sports league in North America, but Major League Lacrosse's passionate community of fans, coaches and players give it certain qualities not seen by spectators of more established sports. Writer Phil Shore spent the 2019 MLL season visiting all of the league's active franchises to better understand what drives the people who love and dedicate themselves to this overlooked corner of the sporting world. Phil joins me to share what makes the league special, what it has to offer the sports travel fan and why the future is brighter than some may assume.

A more general overview of lacrosse can be found in Episode 21 - The Many Faces of Lacrosse

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Book - Major League Life: Why Major League Lacrosse Players, Coaches, and Fans Share a Passion for a League that Often Goes Overlooked

Twitter - @PShore15

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