Bryant and Me

Release Date: 07-13-2020 14:40

Welcome to episode 32!  

We jump right into the Red Stars nervy victory over Utah Royal FC with our pals from Chicago Local 134: Chicago Red Stars supporter's group supernovas!  Oh yeah, we have an enormous announcement about some special Red Star player interviews this weeeeeeeeek!  We announce the players at the end of the show.

We wax poetically about Savannah McCaskill and Casey Short's goal and continue talk about Watt flying around the pitch.

Maggie and Lauren talk about the beginnings of the Pass it On campaign that took NWSL Challenge Cup social medias by storm, including impacting the play call and getting some of that awesome charity money every time the announcers said Sam Kerr.

They also share about how the coffee truck sponsoring began and how all the other SGs in the league are playing catchup.  

We share who we want to play in the knockout round, as we recorded before the last match of the group stage.

Bryant and Me talk a little about Frederico Hiquain's DC debut, the Crew THRASHING of FC Cincy and talk about various Premier League happenings, including the North London Derby, pouring one out for Norwich City heading back to the Championship and Thomas didn't watch Liverpool this weekend because he was doing yard work....

Also, no one is shocked at Man City.

Thanks for listening!  We'll have a special interview episode in just a few days!  GET SOME!!