Bryant and Me

Release Date: 07-08-2020 14:21

In a slightly later than usual episode of Bryant and Me, we have an episode chalk full of soccering talk:

- We recap the Red Stars 0-0 draw against the Thorns and 1-0 shouldn't-have-been-a-loss against the North Carolina Courage.  We discuss how impressed we are with Kealia Watt's performances, Alyssa Naeher "I will break you" prematch photo face and Chicago Local 134 doing the lord's work by providing coffee for players at the NWSL Challenge Cup (not the magic underwear type known around Utah)

- We discuss the Prem and the Battle Royale with cheese (because of the metric system) between Lloris and birthday boy Sonny and how Jose thinks its B-E-A-utiful.  We also have a hearty laugh about imagining what Jose would say in the MLS.

- We discuss the scenario for Brian Lenoy's Norwich City FC to avoid relegation and who we'd want to go down: Wet Spam or Asston Villa.

- We give our predictions for the first starting 11 of the MLS is Back for Crew v FC Fake Chili and our guesses for the outcome of the entire tournament winner and runner-up.

- Bryant shares about his trip to SW Ohio and something that really grinds his gears.  

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