The Underdog Mentality, Founder of JokerMag Tyler O'Shea

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Posted: 06-28-2020 09:47

Sports As A Job

The Underdog Mentality, Founder of JokerMag Tyler O'Shea

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 06-28-2020 09:47

Our latest podcast guest is the founder of JokerMag, Tyler O'Shea. JokerMag is a media platform dedicated to telling the stories of the underdog in sports through articles and/or podcasts. Tyler is a former D3 College Baseball player who was an underdog himself. His own journey led him to taking interest in all underdog stories. His stories feature guests such as UFC Star Francis Ngannou, Sports Analyst Jessica Mendoza, and many more. 

Embrace the "Underdog Mentality" with Tyler O'Shea. 

Episode Timestamp

2:07 - How has JokerMag a media platform adjusted during the quarantine the past few months?

4:14 - JokerMag is a unique name and even more so their logo of the bulldog. Where did the inspiration come from?

5:37 - JokerMag is all about the Underdog Stories in sports. What does the underdog mentality mean to Tyler especially being a former D3 College Baseball player?

8:20 - Tyler shares with us a moment he adopted the underdog mentality in his own life. 

10:35 - We discuss a little bit of baseball. Tyler is a Philly Sports fan all around. Who was his favorite baseball player?

11:35 - Tyler graduated with a communications and media degree. Yet, building a media platform is not always something someone wants to do right off the bat. 

14:46 - The average time someone does a podcast or media platform is 6 months. Tyler has been doing it for three years. What has kept him going?

21:46 - Tyler shares his advice for anyone that wants to sport a blog, podcast, or any media platform.

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