Left Turns and Loud Noises

Release Date: 06-26-2020 18:10

Episode dropped late, but we have you guys covered on what's been up the last week in the racing world. We talk about the Bubba Wallace situation, discuss what this means for both NASCAR and Bubba. We break down the emotional display monday afternoon before the race, the wild show we saw, and the finish that everyone was talking about. Methy and Anthony also take some time to nerd out and talk Star Wars and their favorite moments from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. We got Pocono picks, why we don't fuck with racism, and so much more. This is an important episode, we hope you understand that whatever your view may be, we here at LTLN do not condone racism of any kind and we vow to help make the proper changes! Follow us on twitter and instagram @LTLNpodcast and subscribe to us on itunes