Sports Entrepreneurship, Sportageous Co-Founder Zushan Hashmi

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Posted: 05-29-2020 10:33

Sports As A Job

Sports Entrepreneurship, Sportageous Co-Founder Zushan Hashmi

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 05-29-2020 10:33

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Please note this episode was recorded over a month ago, a lot of great things have happened for the guest and his company.

We are joined by Zushan Hashmi the co-founder of Sportageous a sports media company located in Australia. What makes them special is their content is focused on Diversity & women in sports; Sports health and wellbeing; The stories of aspiring athletes (Dreamers); Questioning sporting rumors and bring you the facts (Breaking Myths); and Sports Tech & Entrepreneurship. In this episode, Hashmi shares with us the journey to the start of this company and its success today. The journey in entrepreneurship is not a smooth one but Hashmi gives insight into what it is really like. 

Episode TimeStamp:

2:10: Zushan introduction along with his explanation of Sportageous is. 

4:00: Before Sportageous Zushan had no actual working in sports experience so where did the idea of Sportageous come from?

7:05: The vision for Sportageous (Episode was recorded in April, it could have changed since then).

9:50: Was there a moment that Zushan ever questioned if he really wanted to do this?

13:26: Zushan's actual duties and responsibilities. 

21:47: Shoutouts and where you can find the social media for the company. 

You can follow Zushan Hashmi on Twitter @zushanhashmi and on LinkedIn here.

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