Invest in Ourselves, Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Communications at UNCG Rob Knox

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Posted: 05-20-2020 10:31

Sports As A Job

Invest in Ourselves, Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Communications at UNCG Rob Knox

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 05-20-2020 10:31

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We are joined by Rob Knox, from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, who serves as the department’s new Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications. Rob talks about his past 20 years working in the sports industry, including covering Kobe Bryant’s high school games, 2004 NBA Draft, and WNBA all-star games!

Let’s learn how to “invest in ourselves” with Rob Knox!

Episode Timestamps:

3:45: Rob talks about his first experience in the sports industry, covering high school sports: Boys and Girls Basketball.

5:20: Rob talks about reporting during Kobe Bryant’s high school days! When Rob saw Kobe play for the first time, he saw how special he was.

8:50: Rob expresses how his job as a sports journalist has helped him transition into his role today. He talks about how important telling a story is - how you approach it and how you tell it - no matter what industry.

10:08: Rob talks about how important it is to go “beyond the final score” and get a unique angle for any situation. Looking for the positives.

12:18: Rob talks about how his goal is to - Educate, Entertain, and Engage - a person through his writing.

14:25: Rob delves into the way female athletes are covered versus male athletes.

20:00: Rob expresses his love for covering the WNBA and how it all started.

25:30: Rob told us how he was led back to Athletic Communications after he left ESPN. He emphasizes how important it is to keep connections and cultivate long-term relationships with people in the industry. Rob knew he wanted to make an impact.

31:35: Kolby asks Rob about his experience being the College Sports Information Directors Association of America (CoSIDA) president. Rob was the second African-American president in the organization's history.

38:35: Rob closes with how important it is to invest in yourself during this time and to follow his 3 P’s - be Persistent, Patient, and Pray.

You can follow Rob Knox on Twitter @KnoxRob and on Instagram @robfromchesterpa.

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