Episode 23 - The Quarantine Episode & Mike Kelleher Interview Special

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Posted: 04-06-2020 22:23

Bryant and Me

Episode 23 - The Quarantine Episode & Mike Kelleher Interview Special

Bryant and Me

Release Date: 04-06-2020 22:23

This episode is a roller coaster.  

We interview wrestling fan, podcaster and TV star Mike Kelleher from Legacy List with Matt Paxton.  We talk his garage sale expertise, the tough events in life that got him to where he's at today and Wrestlemania (Hulkamania may or may not run wild).

Bryant and Thomas also take some time out to discuss how they're feeling during all the madness that is the quarantine.  We throw all our thoughts and feelings out on the table. 

Thank you for listening.  This episode helped us and hopefully it does the same for you.

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