From Childhood listener to Radio Producer, Host and Sideline Reporter: Justin Gaard

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Posted: 04-05-2020 09:00

Sports As A Job

From Childhood listener to Radio Producer, Host and Sideline Reporter: Justin Gaard

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 04-05-2020 09:00

On this episode Kolby and Olivia is joined by Justin Gaard. Justin is currently a Radio Producer and Host for Minnesota's KFAN FM 100.3. He hosts his own show called "The Cake Show". Along with that he is also a sideline reporter for the University of Minnesota Gopher Football team. Justin shares his experience leading up to being an intern that led to a full-time position. He shares his advice for those looking to get in the sports industry and more specifically in his line of work. Along with that Olivia and Justin talk Gopher Sports. Justin's journey to where he is today is unique, find out in the episode why. 

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00:55 to 3:01: Justin Gaard shares with us what exactly he does a Radio Producer, Show Host, and Sideline Reporter

3:02 to 4:56: What sparked Justin's interest to do what he does today?

4:57 to 7:55: Justin shares how his opportunity as an intern led to a full-time position

7:56 to 12:00: Without prior experience, how did Justin become the "maestro" behind the glass?

12:01 to 18:10: Justin's thoughts on the landscape of radio and podcasts

18:11 to 26:27: Justin and Olivia talk Gopher Sports. From fans rushing the field to talking about Coach P.J. Fleck

26:28 to 29:31: How does Justin handle the pressures of his job to succeed?

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Sports As A Job

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