Ten Minutes With... Ralph Schudel

Originally Posted At: Stadium Scene TV's Main Event

Posted: 04-01-2020 15:10

Stadium Scene TV's Main Event

Ten Minutes With... Ralph Schudel

Stadium Scene TV's Main Event

Release Date: 04-01-2020 15:10

Today we kick off our series to meet the partners of StadiumScene.TV in a short video/podcast segment we like to call "Ten Minutes With..." In our pilot episode, we meet with our long time friend and partner, Ralph Schudel (@schudel_ralph on social media). Ralph has covered both professional and collegiate teams in the Columbus, OH area for various publications in his few years as a journalist. You'll learn the differences between covering professional and college teams and you'll also see inside the process of a post-game press conference and how the personality of who you are interviewing will determine the type of questioning you ask. Note: This episode was released as a YouTube video as well: https://youtu.be/0i81CWRZtoQ If you want to be featured on "Ten Minutes With...", you need to be a member of stadiumscene.tv! If you want your sports blog/podcast/YouTube channel to be a part of our community, head to stadiumscene.tv/register!

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Stadium Scene TV's Main Event

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