Story Telling is the Tool to Change the World, Jenny Fischer

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Posted: 03-15-2020 11:26

Sports As A Job

Story Telling is the Tool to Change the World, Jenny Fischer

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 03-15-2020 11:26

Today's guest is Jenny Fischer, currently a postgraduate intern with the NCAA offices in Championships and Alliances, Digital & Social Media. The intern position last only until the summer of 2020. Jenny has previously worked/interned for the Big East Conference, Fox Sports, and Marquette Athletics. Ultimately, Jenny's experience is telling stories of athletes in different forms of content.  In this episode, Kolby and Olivia discuss with Jenny how her journey has helped build her to the person she is today. Jenny gives tips on what makes a great story and how to make sure the story does justice for the person the story is about. We discuss the reality of Women Sports and how story telling may be the key to making the necessary changes.  Episode Timestamp 2:24 to 7:50 Jenny explains what she currently does and the experiences leading up to the current one.  7:50 to 16:05 We discuss Jenny's motive to tell the stories and the art of storytelling.  17:05 to 21:00 How does Jenny feel that a fan sent a message to her saying she is an inspiration? 21:00 to 25:00 We explain our reasons for wanting to work in sports 25:00 to 30:37 Jenny reverses the role to ask us, "What keeps you in sports?" 30:37 to 36:07 "What is success to you"? 36:07 to 39:45 "If your mother saw what you were doing now, what do you think she would say?"  40:35 to 49:32 We discuss the landscape of Women Sports and how could all of we bring it into the spotlight.  49:32 A month long trip traveling the country to tell the stories of the players and coaches in College Women Basketball. 52:47 Jenny explains her career aspirations and that she is looking for her next opportunity. Jenny Fischer  Twitter: @jennylynnfisch LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @sportsasajob  Intro Music credit to ABAPO Music Studios: --- Send in a voice message:

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Sports As A Job

The Sports As a Job Podcast is hosted by Kolby Castillo and Olivia Puttin. Each of us are pursuing a career in College Athletics. We understand the importance of networking and the years of e

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