Episode 19 - Crew SC 2020 Season Preview

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Posted: 02-25-2020 21:41

Bryant and Me

Episode 19 - Crew SC 2020 Season Preview

Bryant and Me

Release Date: 02-25-2020 21:41

Bryant and Me brings you their last episode before Crewsmas weekend and we've got some Crew talkin to do.

We discuss the Crew messing with everyone's mind with their "significant business partnership announcement" tweet that was NOT what people expected it to be.  Even though it wasn't what people expected, it's still really freaking amazing.  We talk about the new training facility and what. it means for the club, young professional players and local youth soccer players.

Not having a sponsor on your kit when you first buy it in February is not indicative of the success of the Haslems and Edwards families.  

Then we talk on-field Crew superlatives, who we think will standout and where we see the season ending.  Spoiler alert: the sky is the limit.

A former guest and current listener also sent us a great letter and gift.  We discuss the letter, Bryant shares about his gift and Thomas talks about his gift: our pen pal's son becoming a LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER!  ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEEEEZ!!

Bryant and Thomas play PL catchup and discuss the recent form of Tottenham, Thomas putting his toes closer and closer to the cliff of Liverpool losing all form and then walking back with arrogance.  Thomas and Bryant have an actual disagreement too.  Gets heated with Bryant and his Tottenham complaining.

We are recording our next episode, on Sunday, at the Crewsmas tailgate.  We'll see you all out there!

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