Olivia Puttin - Future Power 5 Conference School's Sports Information Director

Originally Posted At: Sports As A Job

Posted: 01-08-2020 15:22

Sports As A Job

Olivia Puttin - Future Power 5 Conference School's Sports Information Director

Sports As A Job

Release Date: 01-08-2020 15:22

Olivia Puttin joins Kolby Castillo on the Sports As A Job podcast to discuss her journey navigating the sports industry. Olivia Puttin is currently the Gopher Sports Student Contact & Assistant at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Athletic Department. She had internships with 3M - ProLinks Sports, NCAA Tournament Media Operations Team, and the University of Minnesota - Crookston Athletics.  She retired early from her collegiate soccer career to chase her dream of working in the sports communication/information field. We discuss the importance of building your network and the value of working for free. Lastly, Olivia shares all the things she has learned through her own experiences doing different sport internships. Please leave a review and rating. Share the episode so that others may learn from the value that Olivia Puttin shared during this episode. 

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Sports As A Job

Hi my name is Kolby Castillo. Have you ever wondered what it would take and what it’s like following your passion? More specifically, have you ever wondered what it’s like working in sports? I graduated in May 2019 and am now working full-time as an Athletics Assistant Event Management and Intramural Coordinator at the University of Minnesota - Crookston. I was also a former college student-athlete. Through my experiences I have learned of the power of sport. My life is now dedicated to spreading opportunity through sport while working towards being a college athletic director. I have decided to document my journey and invite you to join me on it. Along the way you’ll learn about the excitement, slow days, ups, downs, and everything in between. You’ll get my insight on sport trends, learn about my daily struggle, and hear my advice. Join me on the journey...

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