Ep. 29 - Protect Ya Neck

Originally Posted At: Sports Talk with Mark

Posted: 11-07-2019 01:34

Sports Talk with Mark

Ep. 29 - Protect Ya Neck

Sports Talk with Mark

Release Date: 11-07-2019 01:34

This one is one for the books Nothing but laughsmostly at the end On this weeks show the fellas discuss the beginning of college basketball, appreciating great athletes, JayZs $1 million dollar pledge to the NFL Players Coalition, and Black quarterbacks in the NFL and college football Oh, and theres a brief moment about hood games too

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Sports Talk with Mark

The show dives into the sports world from topics that are trending to one's that haven't generated a lot of buzz but carry substance. But no matter the topic, fun is had, jokes are made and there's always a good story to tell.

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