Pro Team Fight Songs

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Posted: 10-20-2019 23:25

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Pro Team Fight Songs

Stadium Scene TV

Release Date: 10-20-2019 23:25

Jillian is back from her summer vacation and Kate has ventured out to the desert to be in studio for this different kind of episode Today we crack open some bottles of Bud Ice and look into a variety of pro sport fight songs Some you may have heard of, others you may not (and with good reason) In this episode, youll be reminded about the existence of Meet The Mets, youll see why athletes cant sing and neither can DJ, a reference to the father of a famous pop singer, a look at a strange 7th inning song north of the border that sounds more like a Randy Newman song, a 1980s ear worm that nobody really ever heard until around 2007, and finishing up with the weird situation why the Miami Dolphins song sounds disturbingly similar to the late Houston Oilers fight song This is a nostalgia piece you wont want to miss!

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