TFT Ep.63

Originally Posted At: Two Foot Talk

Posted: 10-17-2019 20:18

Two Foot Talk

TFT Ep.63

Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 10-17-2019 20:18

This week YL and Bond cover the USMNTs two games and trying to figure out what the plan is for the future Who should our new coach be, what should the style be, two years after the darkest day and we are nowhere We go from that right into some Random Sht and by some we mean a whole ton of it We go from Messi, to Ronaldo, to Ramos all making history, Pique flexing some cash, La Liga settling, El Clasico issues, and so much more all here on TwoFootTalk CHECK IT OUT wwwTwoFootTalkcom wwwTwittercom/TwoFootTalk wwwNamWellnessProductscom wwwTwittercom/shopaaj wwwTwittercom/tybond16 SPONSOR Clarity Finances wwwClarityFinancescom Starting a new businessNeed help creating a budget Managing a new businesss finances Finding the best way to do your taxes Need a QuickBooks Specialist Maybe you just want to find a way to help your business save money Clarity Finances is who you want to call with multiple certifications, and QuickBooks expertise Julie covers the entire East coast with financial healing Make sure to reach out for a free consultation when you mention TwoFootTalk Check out her website for the number to call HERES THE KICKER PEOPLE ITS A FREE CALL! Mention TwoFootTalk to get your free call to jump start your business wwwClarityFinancescom

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