Episode 59

Originally Posted At: Electrified With Eric Lyons

Posted: 09-24-2019 15:27

Electrified With Eric Lyons

Episode 59

Electrified With Eric Lyons

Release Date: 09-24-2019 15:27

On the 59th installment of Electrified I roast Jim Harbaugh, an in depth conversation and one of the most underwhelming and underachieving coaching runs in recent memory College football weekend wrap up, an apology to the Saints and their fans A look and the backup quarterbacks that won on Sunday What 30 teams are real and who is fake, why the Packers have the best defense in the league and much more!

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Electrified With Eric Lyons

This is a sports podcast that debuted September 2018. From a local show listened to by friends and family, Electrified has turned into a force with a following in 25 states.

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Electrified With Eric Lyons

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