The Late Fitness Test | Season 2019-2020 | Episode 7

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Posted: 09-12-2019 02:00

Shoot The Defence

The Late Fitness Test | Season 2019-2020 | Episode 7

Shoot The Defence

Release Date: 09-12-2019 02:00

Ben Dinnery, Johnny Wilson and Stel return with another action packed episode of The Late Fitness Test Ben kicks off the show with an injury update for FPL fans who are eagerly awaiting the return of domestic football, following a week of international football The panel discuss the role Miracle Men Pier Paolo Mariani and Eduardo Santos play in the rehabilitation of footballers and how returning to fitness after a short period of time on the sidelines could be detrimental to their career Another topic on the agenda is UEFAs Champions League Technical report which has three Premier League players in the top 4 list of fastest sprints Music wwwbensoundcom (http//wwwbensoundcom/) or Royalty Free Music from Bensound (https//wwwbensoundcom/)

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