Japanese Sports Culture (Part 1)

Originally Posted At: Game Day Tourist Podcast

Updated: Sep 09, 2019

Game Day Tourist Podcast

Japanese Sports Culture (Part 1)

Game Day Tourist Podcast

Release Date: Sep 09, 2019

p class=\hasmediumfontsize\So much information we needed a second episode! Blogger Steven Ericson joins me to share insights from his first year of Japanese residency In this episode, we cover Steven\s observations on Japanese culture and his experience of adapting to his new home, Nippon Professional Baseball and the upcoming Rugby World Cup/p div class=\wpblockspacer\ /div p class=\hasmediumfontsize\If you would like more from Steven, he can be found in the following places;/p p class=\hasmediumfontsize\Blog a href=\https//wwwstevenonthemovecom/about/\ target=\_blank\stevenonthemovecom/a/p p class=\hasmediumfontsize\Facebook a href=\https//wwwfacebookcom/stevenonthemove/\ target=\_blank\stevenonthe/aa href=\https//wwwfacebookcom/stevenonthemove/\ target=\_blank\move/a/p p class=\hasmediumfontsize\Twitter a href=\https//twittercom/StevenOnTheMove\ target=\_blank\StevenOnTheMove/a/p p class=\hasmediumfontsize\Instagram a href=\https//wwwinstagramcom/StevenOnTheMove/\ target=\_blank\stevenonthemove/a/p

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Mark Lawson is based in the UK and travels all around the world for sports and provides his experience and perspective from across the pond. He is a lifelong soccer fan and season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur.

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