Interview with Mike Steenstra from the Rooster & the Devil Podcast

Originally Posted At: Bros Talking Soccer

Posted: 07-19-2019 06:30

Bros Talking Soccer

Interview with Mike Steenstra from the Rooster & the Devil Podcast

Bros Talking Soccer

Release Date: 07-19-2019 06:30

pWe interview Mike Steenstra from the Rooster the Devil podcast We discuss how Mike became a soccer fan, how his podcast got its name, where the Rooster the Devil is headed, and morebr / br / Find Rooster the Devil onbr / Twitter a href=https//twittercom/roosterdevil target= _blank rel=noopenerhttps//twittercom/roosterdevil/abr / Apple a href= https//podcastsapplecom/us/podcast/roosterandthedevil/id1450403556 target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//podcastsapplecom/us/podcast/roosterandthedevil/id1450403556/abr / br / Visit the Bros Talking Soccer website a href= https//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom//a /p

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Bros Talking Soccer

Dave, Christian, and Matt Knittel are three brothers who discuss stories from around the soccer world on their weekly podcast.

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