Interview with Tom Sweezy from MLS Aces Podcast

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Posted: 07-17-2019 02:30

Bros Talking Soccer

Interview with Tom Sweezy from MLS Aces Podcast

Bros Talking Soccer

Release Date: 07-17-2019 02:30

pWe interview Tom Sweezy from the MLS Aces podcast We discuss how the MLS Aces podcast got started, some of the cool content theyve created recently, their plans for the future, and more/p pFind MLS Aces onbr / Website a href=https//wwwmlsacescom/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwmlsacescom//a br / Twitter a href=https//twittercom/MLSAces target=_blank rel=noopenerhttps//twittercom/MLSAces/a br / Instagram a href=https//wwwinstagramcom/mls_aces/ target= _blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwinstagramcom/mls_aces//a /p pVisit the Bros Talking Soccer website a href= https//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom//a /p

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