TFT Ep. 48

Originally Posted At: Two Foot Talk

Posted: 07-11-2019 16:23

Two Foot Talk

TFT Ep. 48

Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 07-11-2019 16:23

This week YL and Bond go over the triumph of the USWNT winning their 4th World Cup We talk the heart break of the USMNT Is Messi a sore loser What is going on with Barca and Atleti Is Griezmann that loaded The return of Buffon, and much much more The Transfer window is upon us stay up to date with YL Transfers right here on TFT wwwTwoFootTalkcom/content wwwTwittercom/TwoFootTalk wwwTwittercom/shopaaj wwwTwittercom/tybond16 Sponsored by wwwClarityFinancescom Looking for ways to help your business thrive Looking to make a difference in the world Talk to Clarity Finances to get your business right whether its a budget, tax, or Quickbooks issue Clarity Finances has the solution Clarity Finances taking your business from CHAOS to Clarity

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Two Foot Talk is here to bring you ideas from the complex mind of footballers about football across the world

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