US lose Gold Cup; Messi's corruption comments; USWNT win WWC; Griezmann/Atleti drama

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Updated: Jul 09, 2019

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US lose Gold Cup; Messi's corruption comments; USWNT win WWC; Griezmann/Atleti drama

On The Counter

Release Date: Jul 09, 2019

p154! The US lost the Gold Cup Final to Mexico, but there were major positives from the tournament overall Berhalter and the US will have to earn back some good will they built up, yet then lost in the Final; Messi made some pretty inflammatory comments about corruption in Conmebol and the confederation hit back in an appropriate and an opposite and equal reaction; the USWNT won the Womens World Cup, yet had a dissapointing TV audience and of course the excuses are out defending them; Antoine Griezmann and Atletico Madrid are going through a bad and ugly break up Now, theyre going into a game of chicken of wholl blink firstĀ /ppThanks for listening Subscribe Share Rate Review/p

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