USWNT goal celebration controversy; Social media is not real life; and more

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Posted: 06-14-2019 06:03

On The Counter

USWNT goal celebration controversy; Social media is not real life; and more

On The Counter

Release Date: 06-14-2019 06:03

p146! The USWNT got off to a rip roaring start against Thailand and theres a huge controversy over their goal celebrations even after putting 10 past them I explain what I think people are missing and why this is a big deal; Woke Soccer Twitter lost their minds over a clip from last episode when I said social media isnt real life and a lot of their responses proved my thesis; I go through a lot of rebuttals I heard from woke soccer twitter and give you some advice for how to handle vicious online attacks should it happen to you; all that and more on todays show/ppThanks for listening /ppSubscribe Share Rate Review /ppFollow me on twitter, wwwtwittercom/drewpells/ppSign up for the free newsletter, wwwdrewpellscom/email/p

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