Interview with Jeff Bell, director of Sons of Ben: The Movie

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Posted: 05-10-2019 02:30

Bros Talking Soccer

Interview with Jeff Bell, director of Sons of Ben: The Movie

Bros Talking Soccer

Release Date: 05-10-2019 02:30

pWe are joined by Jeff Bell, director of Sons of Ben The Movie We discuss Jeffs involvement with the Sons of Ben documentary, what drew him to the project, some of his other projects, and more/p pJeffs website a href=https//wwwjeffcbellcom/ target= _blank rel=noopenerhttps//wwwjeffcbellcom//a br / Will Trippley Foundation website a href= https//willtrippleyorg/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//willtrippleyorg//a br / Jeffs Twitter a href=https//twittercom/jeffcbell target= _blank rel= noopenerhttps//twittercom/jeffcbell/a br / Jeffs Instagram a href=https//wwwinstagramcom/jeffcbell/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwinstagramcom/jeffcbell//a br / Sons of Ben movie website a href= https//wwwsonsofbenmoviecom/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwsonsofbenmoviecom//a /p pVisit the Bros Talking Soccer website a href= https//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom/ target=_blank rel= noopenerhttps//wwwbrostalkingsoccercom//a /p

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