TFT Ep. 36

Originally Posted At: Two Foot Talk

Posted: 04-25-2019 09:21

Two Foot Talk

TFT Ep. 36

Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 04-25-2019 09:21

This week Ty and I go over all the drama and results in Europe We have two Champions finally decided in two of the top five leagues, Mbappe being obnoxiously good, Juventus had a down year and are 20 points clear We talk about the final top four in England, what City should do with Phil Foden, and why is Young Leg so pissed off about a Gareth Bale argument All that and more is right here for you on TFT wwwTwoFootTalkcom/shop All the latest fan gear for club football wwwtwittercom/TwoFootTalk wwwtwittercom/shopaaj wwwtwittercom/tybond16 COME CHAT SHT!

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