Episode 67 - Same Same But Different

Originally Posted At: Bros Talking Soccer

By:Dave Knittel

Posted: 03-04-2018 21:00

Bros Talking Soccer

Episode 67 - Same Same But Different

Bros Talking Soccer

Release Date: 03-04-2018 21:00

The Knittel brothers are joined by Mark Lawson from Game Day Tourist in this episode. They discuss England's proposed winter break, NASL canceling the 2018 season, differences between supporters in England & the US, and more.

Stories discussed this episode:

Segment 1 - Nottingham forest offering discounted season tickets to youth fans - Lukaku wants Prem All-Star game - England looks to be adding a winter break

Segment 2 - NASL cancels 2018 season - FC Dallas lost over 2 legs to 8th placed Panamanian squad - Pulisic's agent

Segment 3 - Mark's thoughts on VAR - Differences between watching soccer in Europe and the U.S. - EPL/European soccer culture that has developed in the U.S. and how it's unique and not just an extension of European soccer culture

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Bros Talking Soccer

Dave, Christian, and Matt Knittel are three brothers who discuss stories from around the soccer world on their weekly podcast.

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