GoT is culture; Can Liverpool win the EPL?; Sarri saved his job?; CCL madness

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Posted: 04-16-2019 10:03

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GoT is culture; Can Liverpool win the EPL?; Sarri saved his job?; CCL madness

On The Counter

Release Date: 04-16-2019 10:03

pTwitter https//twittercom/DrewPells/ppEpisode 129Game of Thrones is back and is the most important show in our culture (some spoilers from Season 8 Episode 1); Liverpool have finally convinced me they can win the Premier League; Has Sarri saved his job and does he deserve another year Concacaf Champions League sees a huge rivalry and most likely violence, thankfully you dont see this in the US/ppThanks for listening/ppwwwdrewpellscom for everything On The Counter with Drew Pellsbr /Facebook https//wwwfacebookcom/onthecounterpodcast/br /Listen on iTunes https//itunesapplecom/us/podcast/onthecounter/id1315935852mt=2br /Listen on Android https//wwwstitchercom/podcast/onthecounter/ppSubscribe Rate Review Like Share Comment/ppwwwsoccerswapcom connects you with fellow soccer lovers across the globe in a football gifts and memorabilia exchange Get in touch with other fans, players, and coaches that love the game and swap soccer items like scarves, hats, pins, and so much more Sign up at wwwsoccerswapcom to link up with other soccer loves and swap gifts /pphttps//stadiumscenetv/ has all the information you need to make your game day experience to level 10 Information on bars and restaurants nearby, traffic, parking, and so much more Visit them before going to stadiums across the US and Canadabr /https//stadiumscenetv//p

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