BONUS - "Outta The Park" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

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Updated: Mar 08, 2019

South of the 6ix

BONUS - "Outta The Park" - Toronto Blue Jays Talk

South of the 6ix

Release Date: Mar 08, 2019

Weekly Toronto Blue Jays Talk

With an offseason and Spring Training that hasn't necessarily made fans more confident in the Jays reaching another postseason run, there's still plenty of talking points that deserve our attention. The Blue Jays have recently made two signings that are both puzzling in their own separate ways. First, the team signed former member of the Red Sox, Clay Buchholz, to a one year $3M deal. Buchholz, a name familiar with Jays fans way back with accusations of him doctoring balls during his tenure with Boston, will seemingly slide into the Jays' rotation, leaving up-and-comer, Ryan Borucki, as the odd man out. Further, the Jays signed Bud Norris to a one year $3M minor league deal. Norris, known for his controversial comments regarding non-American players, raised eyebrows from fans and doesn't seem to fit the model that Atkins has claimed he wishes to build. Will these signings be something the Jays regret?

Joining host Adam Corsair touch on these and other topics is the Outta The Park crew- Barry Davis and Matt McFarland - to talk all things Blue Jays. The trio touch on a wide array of topics centered around the Blue Jays and it is one that you will not want to miss!

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Adam Corsair covers the Jays and Raptors from the perspective of someone that lives south of the Canadian border. That's right, a person from the States is a die-hard fan of Canada's only professional baseball and basketball teams.

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