The Ice Guys

Release Date: 06-15-2024 13:37

The Ice Guys NHL Hockey betting show presented by Boston Hemp Inc. for Saturday, June 15 as Ian Cameron, Alex B. Smith and special guest former pro hockey player Chris Bruton (Twitter/X: @chrisbruton1987) preview and analyze Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers (sides, totals, props) from a betting perspective Follow The Ice Guys on Twitter/X Ian Cameron (Twitter/X: @bobanobets) Alex B. Smith (Twitter/X: @axsmithsports) Follow The Ice Guys official show Twitter The Ice Guys (Twitter/X: @The_IceGuys) Sign up and subscribe for just $10 per month to become an Ice Guys Patreon member at to get all sides, totals and player props every single day, bonus content, goalie and totals charts, Players Suite Interviews, Patreon Exclusive Ice Guys Live Betcasts and more! Be sure to check out the quality products from our proud sponsor Boston Hemp Inc. today and use Promo Code 'ICEGUYS' to save 20% off All Orders at