F-R Racing's Garage Talk

Release Date: 06-07-2024 05:00

On this week's episode we talk quite extensively about the evolution of TV deals, the NASCAR Charter system and what can NASCAR do to fill seats at tracks with poor attendance (Besides fixing the Next Gen car)?

In the second half of the show, we discuss the latest updates from iRacing including some new tracks, the Corvette GT3, and Mustang GT3, and major changes to how the Craftsman Truck Series trucks will drive. With four races to go in the Wednesday Night Dash season, how will that impact the competition?


??????????????????????Wednesday Night Dash??????????????????????? airs most Wednesdays at 10 pm ET. We're currently in the middle of our Truck Series going through July. 

???????????????????????Indy Racing World Series???????????????! Races air LIVE resuming July 16th on Stadium Scene TV at 10 pm ET! Register now and get involved in our fun "off-season" events!

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