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Release Date: 06-06-2024 18:30

The NBA season is reaching a crescendo with the Finals series, however, there is also the matter of television rights to be finalised for 2025 and beyond. With ESPN (Disney), Prime Video (Amazon), and NBC/Peacock in the front-running for deals, will there be room for TNT (Warner Brothers Discovery) to broadcast the Association in the US. Michael McCarthy from Front Office Sports joined us to make sense of this and more.

  • Michael McCarthy, Nii Wallace-Bruce and Justen Williams discussed the terms of the new deal and what this might mean for future expansion of the NBA.
  • The trio also discussed the impact of Caitlin Clark and other rookies in the WNBA and how this might impact the new TV deal for the league.
  • Michael also gave his thoughts on the upcoming Olympics and LeBron James future in the NBA.

Michael McCarthy:



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Opening and closing music courtesy of Jeremiah Alves - "Evermore".