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Release Date: 05-17-2024 10:00

After a banner start to 2023 for the Toronto Argonauts, 2024 has started with much adversity. The 150th anniversary season ended without a title, players left in free agency and, most notably, the starting Quarterback Chad Kelly is under suspension for harrassment of a team employee. With a lot to unpack, we connected with CFL historian, author and friend of PSP, Paul Woods.

  • Nii Wallace-Bruce and Paul Woods discussed the circumstances around the suspension as well as the handling by the team and the Canadian Football League.
  • Given Kelly's past and his current contract, we also discussed what is next for the troubled QB.
  • With training camp already underway, we also took a look at what the team looks like without Kelly and how they might fare early on in 2024.

Paul Woods:




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