Tell It Avs It Is

Release Date: 05-06-2024 20:28

The Avalanche finally have their second round playoff opponent, and it's none other than the Dallas Stars at last. This matchup has been a long time coming, and it's hard to find a closer series between two teams at the height of their power with so many storylines. With Dallas needing seven games against Vegas, how much impact will the week of rest have the for the Avalanche? Where do the advantages lie for the Avalanche in this series, and what weakness can they exploit in Dallas's game? What should they improve upon to ensure the Stars can't exploit their weaknesses? Send questions to the mailbag here: Welcome to The Tell It Avs It Is Podcast, your home for everything Colorado Avalanche on The Hockey Podcast Network! Join hosts Griffin Youngs and Christian Bolle twice a week as they brings you up to date and unique analysis on all things Colorado Avalanche and NHL. Follow Griffin on Twitter: @GYoungsNHL Follow Christian on Twitter: @Christian_Bolle Follow the show on Twitter: @TellItAvsItIs The Hockey Podcast Network - @hockeypodnet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit